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Thearticle on effective schools discusses the need of a quality teachingtask force that will help facilitate student learning. The authoraddresses numerous issues that facilitate school effectiveness (Loebet al., 2011). One of the issues is whether effective schools enlistcompetent teachers and if they are allocated to students in the rightway. Other issues include the development and retention policiesadopted by successful schools of its teachers.

Theauthor used value added techniques in analyzing the relationshipbetween the school`s potential and the hiring, assignment,development and retention policies of teachers. On the issue ofrecruitment and hiring, the findings showed that most of thesuccessful schools hire competent teachers when opportunities arisein the institution (Loeb et al., 2011). The findings on assignmentrevealed that teachers are assigned to students in an unprejudicedmanner. Further, it was found that teacher in successful schools andwho have been teaching for long have the ability to raise students’performance. The final finding on retention policies of effectiveschools showed that they retain competent teachers for long.

Teachersin successful institutions reveal positive career path. The findingsabove shows that the school leadership styles and the teacherspractices is the driving force for success. Majority of theseinstitutions comprise of a strong management team that emphasize onthe need for a personnel practices and hence distinguishes it fromother schools (Loeb et al., 2011). All the activities of the schoolare geared towards improving student performance.

Theauthor analyses the relationship between successful schools andteachers careers using data collected from district schools in a spanof seven years. The research was conducted in one of the largestpublic schools in America known as the Miami-Dade Country PublicSchool. Public schools form a good base to better understand the needfor personnel practices (Loeb et al., 2011). The author is reportingresearch on an analysis of different institutions in a particulararea.

Thearticle on effective schools has some strengths and weaknesses. Theidentified strengths include effective guidance that ensures a goodrelationship between teachers and students. This helps create acaring atmosphere for learning (Loeb et al., 2011). Communicationbetween teachers and students is also important for success. On theother hand, the weakness of the article is that the causes of thesefinding have not been identified. The equitable distribution ofteachers to students is not clearly identified because it could beeither due to teachers practice or school leadership style (Loeb etal., 2011). Teachers could also be motivated to shift to successfulschools and not the school practices. The school administration canutilize this information by setting high expectations for teachersand students as well as providing an environment where students feelphysically and emotionally safe.


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Loeb,S., Kalogrides, D., &amp Béteille, T. (2011). EffectiveSchools: Teacher Hiring, Assignment, Development, and Retention.Cambridge, Mass: National Bureau of Economic Research.

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