Iam not unsure about which was correct.

Question2&nbsp Twoor more references within the same parenthetical citation: (Phillips,Toliver, 2009, 2001).Question3&nbsp Thereason that so many Americans are in debtQuestion4&nbsp comesfrom documents or other materials produced by individuals directlyinvolved with the issue.Question5&nbsp makea list of sample questions related to the key concepts, and attemptto answer them.Question6&nbsp Isit essential to my studies that I read the entire article, or can Iskim the material?Question7&nbsp Theseregulations were established to help curb trafficking.Question8&nbsp Whenthings are properly cited, the reader will know which material isfrom the student writer and which is from the source.Question9&nbsp Theinclusion of a supportive quotation from an outside sourceQuestion10&nbsp Adirect quote is an exact, word-for-word (verbatim) excerpt fromanother`s work set off by quotation marks.Question11&nbsp Thepublication date should appear at the end of each reference listcitation.Question12&nbsp Iwas the only one to read Shakespeare`s &quotMacBeth&quot as acomedy.Question13&nbsp Avoidfragments in all situations, as they are alwaysconversational.Question14&nbsp Toparaphrase an author`s work is to put the source`s words, ideas,research, or conclusions into your own words.Question15&nbsp Eatinggood is always Uncle Bill`s motivation.Question16&nbsp Translatedworks: (Foucault, 1972/trans. 2010).Question17&nbsp Whichis better-a Mac or a PC?Question18&nbsp PsychologicalfactQuestion19&nbsp Anauthor once said, &quotI want the reader to taste my voice at theback of his throat.&quotQuestion20&nbsp Willthe evidence play a big role in your paper?Question21&nbspFunnymanQuestion22&nbsp AblogQuestion23&nbsp Allfish live in water Jewel is a fish therefore, she lives inwater.Question24&nbsp Althoughthere have been many famous ships that have sank, the Titanic remainsone of the most well know.Question25&nbsp CollaborationQuestion26&nbsp November9, 1989 is the day often credited with being the day that the BerlinWall fell.Question27&nbsp BulletpointsQuestion28&nbsp Inductionis rarely achieved when a general claim is supported by specificevidence.Question29 Usinga college student with a lost cell phone who wants to call home foran argument about free long distance service from dormrooms&nbspQuestion30&nbsp Thetitle &quotWorks Cited&quot should be centered at the top of thepage.&nbspQuestion31&nbsp Whatare your feelings about the assignment?Question32&nbsp documentsa source.Question33&nbsp Whenyou have finished, read through the entire paper at least once tocheck the coherence of your draft.Question34&nbsp Bettywas always a sweet, old lady.Question35&nbsp Themain street in my town is actually named Main Street.Question36&nbsp Iam going to the store to buy bread milk and cheese.Question37&nbsp Causeand effect are inseparably linked and together make upcausation.Question38&nbsp Theweeds grew.Question39&nbsp Apaper grounded on logical, structured evidenceQuestion40&nbsp Marisawas always a good runner in high school it was no surprise to anyonewhen she received a scholarship to run in college.Question41&nbsp aredata showing how much, how many, or how often.Question42&nbsp Itis usually creative in nature, including fiction and personalnarrative elements.Question43&nbsp Themethodology of a discipline is the way its practitioners study theirsubjects.Question44&nbsp Yourargument represents an opportunity to carefully consider ideas andgradually come to conclusions, drafting only after much thought andreflection.Question45&nbsp Knowingyour discourse communityQuestion46&nbsp Theclarity of the writing is sometimes impacted by the necessity topersuade.Question47 Theacademic world is committed to protecting ethics and integrity in thetransmission of information.Question48&nbsp Theytry to establish some common ground with the audience.Question49&nbsp Opinionsof authoritiesQuestion50&nbsp 400people showed up for the convention.

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