aldegradation is a complex issue because the environment is comprisedon many elements. Therefore it would be difficult to single out oneparticular activity as far the environmental degradation isconcerned. al degradation can be attributed to a myriad offactors however, there are few things that one could do in order tominimize pollution(GlobalFootprint Network, 2015).One such case would be the use of green bags while shopping in retailstores. Most retail stores use plastic bags which arenon-biodegradable and are a huge contributor to environmentalpollution. I use green bags while running my shopping errands becauseI can recycle the bag and in addition it helps me avoid polluting myneighborhood with plastic bags. I would also advocate for the use ofnon-paper writing materials in order to save and plant more trees.Trees play a huge role in the environment in that they help protectthe soil, provide a vegetation cover to our environment and so on. Bycutting down on writing materials we would save more trees which playa vital role in our environment.

Otherchanges that we can implement would include the use of green energysuch as the use alternative energy or the use of fluorescent bulbswhich use less energy. Using white bulbs would be a challenge by Iwould get used to it because I am used to using the ordinary bulb. Ifthe government would impose some taxation on activities that increasecarbon footprint then I would be more conscious on my activities.Therefore, if the government hopes to get experience some significantchanges in the environment they need to make some rules onenvironmental pollution.


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