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EnvironmentalExercise: Seattle and Cheyenne

Theplace under review is the port region of Tacoma in the city ofSeattle, in the state of Washington. One of the environmentalconcerns in the city is industrial air pollution from the factorieswithin the city. As an American industrial city, Seattle has manyfactories that emit their industrial gases to the environment.According to EPA (2015), the city had 24%air pollution by the ozoneand 74.1% pollution by the PM2.5 between the years 2006 and 2008. TheOzone pollution was a rise compared to the 2002 data that had zerovalues (EPA, 2015). In addition, the port region of TacomaInternational Airport has voice pollution that results from the busyairport that serves international trade with Asia.

Thepopulation of the city benefits in income from the industries thatare established in the city. However, the benefits may not be viableeconomically if the costs of pollution are high and increase withtime. As a result, there is a concern over the health safety of thecity in the future. The other zip code to explore is the city ofCheyenne in the state of Wyoming, which is one of the cleanest andenvironmentally healthy cities. The city has the lowest measure of46.5 PM2.5 air pollution and no ozone pollutants as per the 2006-2008data (EPA, 2015). The city has fewer industrial and motor vehiclepollutants due to its small size and low population.

Inrelation to Cheyenne, it would be more difficult to improve thequality of the environment in the city of Seattle, especially in theport region of Tacoma. This is because improving such a region willtranslate to adoption of economic policies that will affect theeconomic production and activities such as air transport, trade andindustrial output.


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