Theauthor points out that starting of feminist activist projects Russiacan either be bumpy or easy. She states that of the two of herprojects, starting the crisis center project proved to be quitestressful and hard compared to the center of women history and genderstudies project which kicked off smoothly. From the book, it is clearthat the feminist movement is geared towards bring about changes inthe gender relations. Additionally, the movements and organizing ofwomen in Russia has become professionalized, with most of theactivist groups being registered as NGO’s (Hemment, 2007). Anotherthing learned from the feminist activism is Russia is thatparticipation of these movements in international forums havetremendously increased. The rise of the feminist activists hasresulted to creation of activist societies that cover many states,making the whole process of political and social activism a globalphenomenon (Hemment, 2007).

Fromthe book, it is also clear that the feminist activists share a commondiscourse with the major issues the movements aim at addressingincluding gender violence, increased participation of women ineconomic and political arenas, increased recognition of the importantrole women play as well as recognition of the reproductive rights ofwomen. Another lesson learnt about feminist activist groups in Russiais that they face a number of challenges ranging from funding andsupport problems to being utilized as political tools. Apart fromthat, the professionalization of these movements has necessitated theemployment of professionals, some of which are not readily available.However, the feminist movements have been able to create asignificant impact on the society, one of which is exposure of womento technology and unexploited opportunities (Hemment, 2007). Theauthor points out that her project the center for women and genderstudies has continued to be an umbrella project under which otherprojects thrive.


Hemment,J. (2007). Empowering women in Russia: Activism, aid, and NGOs.Indiana University Press.

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