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Thesurprise at the ending of the reading is that the person proposingthe idea of letting children that are one-year old be considered asflesh cannot be in a position to put the proposal into practice sincehis wife is past the child-bearing age and his youngest kid is nineyears (Swift, 2003). Besides, he claims that he has the best interestat heat for his country and is more than willing to promote hisproposal, but since he has no kid below one year or at least oneyear, he cannot show commitment in the proposal. It was expected thatthe person offering the proposal could be in a position to initiatethe proposal in order to really see that it was in his interest andfor the own good of the country however, it comes as a surpriserealizing that even the person claiming to fully support his proposalwas not in a capacity to support it.

Thepoint in the reading that led to the realization that there were someelements that surprised entails the point, where the author clearlypoints out that he would be proposing his own thoughts that he hopedwould not be liable to the least objection. It is at this point thatthe author next pointed out that young health kids that are one yearold can be considered as delicious and nourishing food, whetherroasted, stewed, boiled, or baked. At this point, the authorsupported this idea since he pointed out that “I make no doubt thatit will equally serve in a fricasie, or a ragoust” (Swift, 2003).By noting this point, I realized that there were some elements in thereading that would be surprising.


Swift,J. (2003, Sep 6th).AModest Proposal for preventing the children of poor people inIreland, from being a burden on their parents or country, and formaking them beneficial to the publick,The Victorian Web.Retrievedfrom

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