I went to college for AAS to help me attain my career and objectivein life. My mission is to dedicate my life and help the citizenachieve justice with the aid of the state. The knowledge I willacquire will help me prepare for the world how to live and interactwith people from different background. Going to college is anassurance for a great job in the future in this competitive market.It will help me be ready for the military job and enable me to facethe challenges in my career. My passion and love for criminal justiceknowledge to eradicate crime has given me the thrill to attain adegree. I think the effect of going to college for criminal justiceAAS will be having more confidence to join the competitive world insearch of job opportunities. This career will also help me serve mysociety courageously knowing I have got what it takes to serve them(Aaron, 2010). Goingto college gives me an opportunity to acquire other skills likeleadership skill, communication skills, and also the strength andstamina required in the field. I deal with time constraints as anindividual by waking up early to do my studies before I prepare to goto work. To achieve my objective sleep has become a luxury, and thisroutine has enabled me to manage my time well. After work, I attendthe evening classes and give it total concentration knowing there twokids waiting for me, and I need to spend time with them. Weekends arestrictly for spending time with my family although it is not easy toachieve all this and adapt to this lifestyle. I would like to advisefellow students, not to give up on their dream and objective in life,and they should focus on building their life and careers. They shouldalso be persistent and with a willing heart (Aaron,2010).


Aaron, J. E. (2010). The Little,Brown compact handbook with exercises (2nd custom Ed.).New York, NY: Longman.

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