European Regionalism




Wagstaff,Peter. RegionalismIn The European Union.Exeter, England: Intellect, 1999. Print.

Thisbook was written by Wagstaff and talks about what it takes forsomeone to be categorized as belonging to a certain European region.For instance it explains what and how the British, French andScandinavian regions existed. In addition, the book draws a veryclear relationship and association between these different regions.In a nutshell, the book tries to shed light to the reader on what ittakes to be a European and the relationship between the differentregions.

Fitjar,Rune Dahl. The Rise Of Regionalism. London: Routledge, 2010.Print.

Thebook is very rich resources on those who may wish to know about theconcept of regionalism. It particularly talks about regionalism inparts of Europe including Norway, Scotland and the general life ofthese people. The political life and adoption of each region is alsodiscussed at length in this book.

Keating,Michael. The New Regionalism In Western Europe. Cheltenham:Edward Elgar, 2000. Print.

Thebook is a very important source in explaining and giving a clearhistory of the whereabouts of the European regionalism. The book alsofocuses and expounds the role of territorial politics that shape theregions of Europe.

Scully,Roger, and Richard Wyn Jones. Europe, Regions And EuropeanRegionalism. Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire: PalgraveMacmillan, 2010. Print.

Thisparticular book talks about the larger dimension of and analysis ofregionalism while at the same time trying to up-date on the sameissue. Many issues of regions and regionalism of the European blockare discussed and also the books talk about the possible enlargementof the European Union region.

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