Evaluating Recruiting Efforts


EvaluatingRecruiting Efforts

EvaluatingRecruiting Efforts

Thehuman resources department plays a crucial role in an organization asit is responsible for the recruitment, hiring and firing ofemployees. In other words, the human resource department isresponsible for either the success or failure of an organization. Inaddition, human resources are responsible for evaluating theiremployees in order to monitor or check their progress at work. Theevaluation process also helps employees to better understand themission, goals and objectives of an organization. A good evaluationplan should be able to measure four main factors: skill,responsibility, working conditions and effort. As the Executive V.Pof Human Resources of Human Resources tasked with developing anevaluation plan for the firm’s recruitment effort I would considerthe following factors.

Asthe Executive V.P of human resources, I would consider the value ofthe recruitment strategy. I would evaluate the strategy that was usedin sourcing for employees at work and utilize this information toassess which strategies resulted to the hiring of most candidates.This will assist the organization in narrowing down the strategy tobe used in the next recruitment process. I would also evaluate thevacancy rates at different departments in the organization. Vacancyrates provide information on which departments are having difficultyand might need some adjustment in their recruitment strategy.Turnover rates provide information on the number of recruits oremployees who have left their job by either voluntary or involuntarymethods. High rates of turnover might signal there some issues thatneed to be addressed in the recruitment process and that the jobdescription of high turnover rate jobs might need to be re-evaluated.Finally, I would utilize the quality of hire in order to assess thequality of employees coming into the organization (Crouteau,2014).


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