Examination Unit System

ExaminationUnit System

ExaminationUnit System

Mostinstitutions and organizations in the current environment wherecomputer technology is of great importance utilize web basedexamination systems. Not only are the systems accurate and fast, butthey are also efficient and less costly since they require littlemanpower compared to the traditional examination systems (epravesh,2013). Web based examination units also saves the time required forresults to be results and do not utilize paper thus saves on papertoo. The current project aims at creating an examination unit projectPHP which as of 2013, had been installed in more than 2.1 million webservers and over 240 million websites around the globe.


Mostacademic and non-academic institutions have adopted web basedexamination systems. However, the systems applicability to allsubjects remains minimal. The current project aims at coming up witha system that would facilitate the incorporation of all subjects anddisciplines. Additionally, it aims at facilitating the releasing ofthe exam results in real time. The Examination unit will also beresponsible for maintaining and managing past examination records aswell as generating of result slips and transcripts.

Someof the features the current program will incorporate into the systemincludes a password secured login system, answer saving capabilitiesas given by candidates who take the exams, an answer checking system,an admin panel and the capability to update student profiles.



Webbased examination systems are increasingly being utilized byinstitutions around the globe. However, the applicability of thesystems in all academic disciplines is yet to be achieved. Apart frombeing reliable and fast, the systems also save on time and requiredmanpower to manage exams and generate results. The current projectaims at utilizing PHP to create a system that apart from managingexams and past records would also facilitate the generation of resultslips and certificates.


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