Examining Emotions, Attitudes, and Job Satisfaction

ExaminingEmotions, Attitudes, and Job Satisfaction

ExaminingEmotions, Attitudes, and Job Satisfaction

Decision-makingcan hugely be influenced by attitude, emotion as well as jobsatisfaction. More often than not, undesirable mood has resulted into an extremely bad decision-making which perchance may lead to poorperformance and hamper with an individual’s job or making ofdecisions. Employees can as well be affected by job satisfaction. Jobsatisfaction and emotions controls each other and the manner in whichworkers attitude has a great influence on the way the company atlarge performs. In an organization where planning and decision-makingis the key principle, these three qualities can be of great value tothe management of such a company. People’s behavior is relativelydependable to their attitudes. People behave in a different mannerdaily because of the attitude as well as the mood they are in. Onecan only make sense on how people behave if they get to know theirattitude. To promote a positive work environment to the employees, anorganization’s management has to master the game of emotionalintelligence (EL). In this research, we address issues pertaining tothe emptions, attitudes as well as job satisfaction of others. Theresearch uses ‘Trader Joe’s as a case study to evaluate thesetraits which are assets to an organization. The paper will examinethe approach Trader Joe’s uses to promote work environment for itsemployees, determine ways in which this organization can increase jobsatisfaction and performance, how the company uses the managementprocess to develop its workers and suggest and recommend ways thatleaders can effectively manage relationships using the four Elcompetencies respectively. Trader Joe’s chain of supermarketsgives one a cool breeze of shopping as compared to other humdrumgroceries.

TraderJoe’s has achieved an upper hand over its competitors by offeringeconomical, inimitable as well as glamorous goodies to its customers.This has made this multi-billion chain of supermarkets establishitself as a trustworthy as well as appropriate grocery full ofgastronomic glees. A research graded this organization as the best infast foods, second-best in terms of sanitation and precise valuing [CITATION And13 l 1033 ].

Theorganization’s employees have very interesting titles which theyuse to address their hierarchical chain. They use ‘mates’ forfellow workers and ‘captains’ for executive staff [ CITATION And13 l 1033 ].This has created a conducive atmosphere for the employees as well ascustomers since they mingle with no difficult.

Topromote a positive work environment for its employees, Trader Joe’shas increased its employees wage package that ranges from $45-$75thousand annually for common employees. Managerial staff has up to amillion figure wage. Furthermore, employees are given diversepositions at a given time. The organization has a belief insatisfying its employees because that will lead to customersatisfaction. The company’s slogan is happy workers equal happyclients, thus making clients come again and again [ CITATION SQu13 l 1033 ]

TraderJoe’s increase job satisfaction and performance by offering theimportance of human capital.

TraderJoe’s has actual planning, leading as well as controllingmanagement processes that it uses to develop its workers. This hasenabled Trader Joe’s to achieve organizational success [ CITATION Tra14 l 1033 ].Employeesare hired depending on their zeal, articulated interest as well asvigor. This is jotted in their job announcement implores [ CITATION Tra14 l 1033 ].The company’s plans and hires workers that will fit in to itsculture. The chosen workers are trained thoroughly and work in otherstores as well. They as well attend various courses which enablesthem to sharpen their skills in managerial work, leadership andcommunication. The company hascome up with its own programs known as Trader Joe’s and TraderJoe’s Leadership Development Program which are used to develop itsworkers [ CITATION LLa05 l 1033 ].

Soas to comprehend the theory of emotional intelligence (EI), John D.Meyer and Peter Salovey suggest that it is of paramount value to knowhow emotion and intelligence are defined [ CITATION Pet90 l 1033 ].An emotion is ‘a strong feeling’ as described by Merriam Webster.(E.g. anger, joy, hate, fear etc.) . Intelligenceis defined as ‘ability to learn or understand things or deal withnew difficult situations’. According to Meyer and Salovey,emotional intelligence is the ability to observe emotions, to get aswell as produce emotions in order to help idea, to comprehendemotions and emotional knowledge, and to contemplatively controlemotions so as to endorse emotional as well as intellectual maturity[ CITATION Pet90 l 1033 ].

Leadershipsuccess focuses on the four El competencies. These are:

  • Self-awareness-the ability to understand our own emotions and how they impact others

  • Social-awareness-the ability to understand the emotions of others

  • Self-management-the ability to think before acting

  • Relationship management-the ability to build rapport with others.

Inorder to effectively manage relationships, leaders need to applythese four competences in their endeavors with other workers. TraderJoe’s practices these competences. Their workers lend attentive earto the clients’ needs and wants. This makes clients feel connectedwith the organization thus prompting them to come again and again.

Theability to think before acting, or self-management, is another wayleaders can effectively manage relationships.

Threeleadership practices Trader Joe’s could implement are [ CITATION Mer14 l 1033 ]:

  1. Come up with ethics of excellence as well as set an example for its competitors to follow.

  2. Enable others to act as well as involve its leaders to know that reciprocated respect is the pillar of uncommon efforts.

  3. Inspire as well as identify contributions that each person makes.


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