Family Genetic History

Family Genetic History 3


Genogram is the pictorial relationship of family hereditary andmedical history. It allows visualization of genetic pattern andpsychological factors that affect a relationship (Rigazio-DiGilio,2013). It is used by psychologist for personal records andexplaining the family dynamic. Each on the genogram is represented bya symbol that acts as a visual indicator of the information gatheredin an interview. They are used by individual to identify medical riskfactor in a family setup. Most people enjoy genogram since they canidentify the pattern in families that may influence the currentbehavior of an individual. Most young people enjoy the opportunity totalk about their family history as it works as a tool to build trustin other people (Rigazio-DiGilio,2013). Patel 26 a year boy from the middle-class familysuffers from diabetes. He is anxious to find out whether hiscondition is a pattern of illness in his family. Patel tells me thathis great grandmother from his father’s side suffered fromdiabetes, and that was the cause of her death at an early age. Thiscondition was passed over to one of the siblings although not hisgrandmother. Patel’s father also suffered from the same conditionand has lived with it since birth. Patel now suffers from thecondition that was diagnosed at birth. Medical genogram aids toidentify accurate treatment of a disease in the family. In this case,it is evident that Patel’s condition is inherited from his familylineage. In the future, his children can suffer the same condition ifhe marries a wife having the same condition. If he marries a womanwithout the same situation chances are half way. It is clear thatPatel accepts his situation and with this information he will infuture take the medical test for the kid at early age.


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