Familytherapy: concepts and methods

Fromthe weekly reading, some of the key points learned are that, atherapist need to understand the family characteristic that dominatesthe age in study in attempt to counseling. Therapist also needs tohave a concept of the economic aspect of families to enable themcounsel their patients correctly[ CITATION Nic131 l 1033 ].It is important as well to take into account the concept of sense ofcommunity in attempt to give advice to the families that are facedwith family issues.From the reading, I have also learned various family therapy methodslike use of structural therapy, strategic therapy, and narrativetherapy among other methods.

Basedon the experience, I can apply the content from the reading inhandling family related issues. After understanding the familycharacteristics like those of divorce, children raised by one parentinstead of two among other characters will try to find the key causeof the problem[ CITATION Min071 l 1033 ].ThenI will be able to counsel the families in question. Another importantaspect, which is to understand the economic aspect, will enable me toidentify the primary cause of problem. Maybe the wife earns more thanthe husband, which leads to poor communication as women loose respectto their husband.

Theinsight that the reading provides towards these weeks topic is thatbefore starting to counsel any families with marriage issues, oneneed to understand the kind of life characteristics that dominatesthat particular age of families. It is equally important tounderstand the economic aspect part of it and the concept of sense ofcommunity.

Theclass discussion has played a major role in improving my thinking onthe topic. From the class discussion I was able to understand thetopic more. The class discussion also improved my application skillsof the topic as a counselor in dealing daily marriage issues.


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