Family Therapy Intervention


FamilyTherapy Intervention

Accordingto Nichols (2013) and chapter 14, family therapy intervention is anefficient treatment approach for both adults and children sufferingfrom psychological, substance dependence and relationship issues. Infact, the chapter recommends application of family therapyintervention as a substitute for pharmacy drugs when treatingrelation problems such as depression and conduct disorders. Theauthor also emphasizes on the efficiency of the treatment approachwhen addressing adult sicknesses such as substance abuse and stress.Besides, the treatment approach enhances family conflict resolution.A research conducted on the medication plan indicated that familyintervention therapy accelerated the conflict resolution amongcouples that experiences relationship struggles (Nichols, 2013).

Basedon my counseling experience, I can use the family interventionapproach as a substitute for drugs. For example, instead ofprescribing drugs to patients suffering from depression orsubstituting addictive drugs with less severe drugs, I will interviewthe person to understand the cause of their problems (Goldenberg &ampGoldenberg, 2008). For example, I can opt to observe the interactionpattern of an unhappily married couple to understand the reasons theindividuals are not satisfied with the relationship. Afterunderstanding the underlying issue, I would then provide an amicableand neutral position that can help the couple stop quarrelingunnecessarily.

Thisweek’s readings have provided an insight that human characteroriginates from an individual’s psychological state. As a result, atherapist can solve both externalized and internalized behavioraldisorders through solving the patients’ mental and emotionaldisturbances (MacFarlane, 2001).

Theclass discussion has made me believe that mental health is central tothe entire health of human beings. In fact, I have realized that manypsychological, physical and behavioral disorders are resolvablethrough ensuring that patients have healthy mental state.


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