February 10, 2015

February10, 2015


Myexperience here at an international university has somewhat taught mea lot. Things here at the United States are slightly distinct fromChina. I feel like I have learned a lot thus far especially in ourEnglish and Social class. Throughout my English lessons, I have beencomposing quite a number of writings. Nonetheless, in the past, whileI was your age in a high school, I had been so afraid of expressingexactly what I feel in writing thus kept most of the fundamentalthings to myself. This has negatively affected my writing essays andresearch papers in a great way. Insofar as reading story books andnovels was concerned, I never saw its meaning. I have come to realizethat I would have started shaping my writing skills earlier byreading lots of story books and novels. Reading academic articles andparticipating in writing competitions has helped shape not only mywriting skills but speaking skills as well. I have come to know thatliterature is an essential subject since it has contributed a lot tomy writing. Literature is of a fundamental value in learning since ithelps one be not only a fluent speaker of a certain dialect butunderstand others as well. I know you must want to brush asidecertain subjects thinking that they are not of any importance to thecourse you have chosen. But I would like to advice you that nothingin school is of less importance than the other. Don’t be afraid ofmaking mistakes because I have come to realize that everyone makesmistakes and we learn from those mistakes. No one is perfect ineverything.

Ironically,I did not realize the importance of debating, games and being insocial clubs while in high school. This has had a negative toll on mystay here at the university. Initially, when I joined the university,I was very poor in socializing and even making friends. If I wouldhave been an active participant in social clubs, games and debates inhigh school, I wouldn’t have had such a difficult time bonding withmy fellow students and even lecturers. Social clubs and games notonly help you to know your talent, but they help in minglingharmoniously with others as well. I understand that you and I havemore or less been the same (introverts), but I am advising you tojoin any social club in your school for it will nurture you into asocial being. My joining hockey team has been very helpful to me. Ihave joined two social clubs and now I am an active participator indebates, which has helped me polish my English and speaking skills

Lastbut not least, Rose, I have learned that boys will not do you anygood at this point in your life. They will mess you up and cut shortyour dreams. They will promise you heaven only to find yourself inhell. Concentrate on your studies now and later when you haveattained your desired dreams let them in.

Iknow I have a long way to go in my social life but am determined toimprove. I am still not so good in socializing but am hoping by theend of the semester, I will be able to get out of my cocoon andaccomplish this goal fully. I understand I need to put in more effortto attain this goal but am sure I will, eventually.


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