Fitness and Healthy Trends

Fitnessand Healthy Trends


Atrend has been defined as a permanent development involving change toa situation and making it part of your lifestyle while a fad has beenidentified as an “adoption of a fashion with great enthusiasm andonly for a brief period of time.” The annual health and fitnesssurvey is carried out to determine which health and fitness practicesare trends and not fads so as planning for the industry in the futureshould be adopted. The survey conducted in for major categoriesnamely commercial which is believed to be for profit, clinical,community and corporate sector which are not-for profit sectors. Theaim of the survey is to identify what practices are trends bycomparing with the findings of the subsequent years. The survey underconsideration was conducted between 2006 and 2011, with somepractices appearing in the entire period while others emerged duringthe period just as others disappeared (Diane, A. E. L. L. N. J. W., &ampCommittee on Comprehensive School Health Programs in Grades K-12,Institute of Medicine, 1997).

Conductingthe survey was a milestone since it involves many stages commencingwith preparing the materials for conducting the survey. A list of 25practices is identified with a brief description on each so that thetime taken by an individual respondent is reduced. Incentives toencourage participation is introduced which include a $100 Americanexpress gift ticket. The survey was designed to at most take 15minutes. A scale of 1-10 is used to rate either or not a practice isa trend. A space is provided for the respondent to add health andfitness practices not covered and also another for the giving theiropinion on the most trending practices. These finding are send tofitness professionals worldwide electronically for analysis. The 2011survey got responses from 12%, fairly representation from all overthe world.

Afterthe result from the survey going through these stages, the collectedinformation about the findings are ranked in the order such that thehighest or rather the most recognized trend appearing at the highestpoint in the scale while the least popular is placed at the bottom.Only the first 20 items are considered for a more detail in thereport. To authenticate the result of the survey, input is soughtfrom internationally recognized fitness experts who are representingall the four aspects covered by the survey. Something notable is thatthe top 6 trends for the year 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011appeared forthe four years running. However, the top health and fitness practicesoccupied different positions in the rank over the years. Some trendssuch as balance training, Pilates and stability ball dropped out ofthe top 20. The stability ball appeared at position 7 in the years2008 and 2009 but was not in the top 20 in the 2011 survey report.This made the experts thinks of it as a fad instead of a trend.Collaboration of the result over the years, nevertheless, provides amore conclusive idea of whether a practice is trend or is a fad. Timewill, therefore, tell if a trend is indeed or is a fad coming forjust some time and then likely to disappear (Liguori, G., &ampAmerican College of Sports Medicine, 2014).

The2011 report provided an overview of the trends and it is takingshape. On top of the list was the educated and experienced fitnessprofessional, which apparently has occupied the first position in thelast four years. More individuals are venturing into the fitnessindustry and profession. It has not gone unnoticed since some stategovernments are starting to issue proposals legislations andguidelines to regulate the field. Fitness program for older adultswas the second and provide an avenue for opportunity since it is atrend. Strength training comes third and is famous with the younggeneration. Child obesity is a great concern and it is not a surprisethat it was ranked fourth. The first lady has even set a task forceto look into this trend. Persona training and core training areimportant physical fitness and health practices and were ranked fifthand sixth respectively. All of them were an improvement from theirprevious year ranking. Exercise and weight loss beat all the odds toposition seven and it is becoming famous amongst the generalpopulation. Boot camp was eighth from sixteenth a massiveimprovement. Functional fitness and physician referral wraps the topten fitness and health trends for 2011. The fitness and healthpractices trend is taking shape and the concerned parties in theindustry are able to make better decision given the survey provideaccurate data (Bushman &amp American college of sports medicine,2011).

Personally,the practice that is missing in the fitness and health practice isthe routine physical state check. This involves individuals makingsome routine checks with their physical and health specialist toidentify the progress of their body. This way, the person can stayupdated about the conditions and the requirements of their bodies. Alot of funds is spend to cure or try to bring the body in an optimalworking condition yet the same can be detected and rectified in time.


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