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FoodTruck Business


Anew phenomenon has seen the emergence of food trucks where varioushotel-like services are offered from trucks. Currently, these trucksserve a list of cuisine depending on the demand in a various cities.However, some of the popularly-served include sandwiches, salads,hotdogs, spicy pork, tofu, Chicken, Pacman burger and blackjackquesadilla to name but a few. One thing worth noting about thecuisine served is that the outlook could change because of variancein cultures. When it comes to the cost of starting this kind of abusiness, a variance exists because of the disparity in license feesand other operation charges in different states. Nonetheless, it isestimated that with between $20,000 and $30,000 one can comfortablystart this business. This money caters for the truck, food, licenses,staff wages and other operations.

Concerningthe operations in this business one needs to have at least fivestaff, with two tasked with serving, one doubles up as a cashier anda manager while the other two are cooks. Purchases include the foodstuff, serviette and utensils used in the cooking. Additionally,fridges are needed in some cases to ensure drinks served are coldespecially during the summer. Production of the food varies withpreferences and regulations with some preferring to hire kitchenswhile others use the truck as a kitchen. However, in the latter’scase, some states prohibit this option leaving the owners without achoice but to hire kitchens or prepare the food elsewhere.

Asis the case with other businesses, a food truck business requireslicenses too from various departments. First, the health departmentwill issue license for the food handler, another one for the foodmanager, and still another for identifying the food manager. Inaddition, a vending license is compulsory as it proves that one hasbeen approved to operate. Also, one is required to have a licensefrom the local government. Parking fees apply, and there are areasdesignated for the same any violation on this part attracts heftyfines.

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