Formatting Training Objectives


FormattingTraining Objectives

FormattingTraining Objectives

Theimportance of training in any business entity cannot be understatedas far as enhancing the productivity of workers in specific fields isconcerned. Indeed, training imbues in the employees skills andknowledge that would allow them to function in considerably moreareas (Mathis&ampJackson, 2008).However, this must be aimed at attaining certain objectives, whichhave to be properly stated so as to underline the determination ofthe assessment criteria for success. There are certain things wrongwith the objectives as stated in the case presented.

Inthe first objective, it is not clear how the “awareness” would bedetermined and the importance of the time limit. The second objectiveis unclear on the multiplicity of data to be entered and thedemonstration of the skill. Similarly, the third objective is notclear on what really the employee is supposed to achieve. The fourthobjective, adherence to safety does not seem to be considered, not tomention that the address is particularly limiting.

Needlessto say, the objectives need to be rewritten so as to underline theproper requirements for the learners. For the first objective, thelearner should be capable of demonstrating awareness and adherence tosafety measures pertaining to the ribbon cutting machines. In thecase of the second objective, “the learner must be able todemonstrate knowledge in the utilization of Microsoft ExcelSpreadsheet through entering a wide array of data, given a computer”.Third, the learner must “demonstrate the capacity to exploit thecapabilities of the World Wide Web in furthering his or her training,as well as usage of the same”. Lastly, the learner should becapable of “demonstrating the capacity to drive the ambulance fromthe station to the provided address within the shortest timepossible, while demonstrating adherence to safety.”


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