Christmasis a traditional holiday that we celebrate each year on 25thof December. This holiday is one of the most valued holidays byChristians since it entails celebrating the birth of Jesus (Forbes,2008). I personally love this holiday because it is not onlyenjoyable, but it also gives me an opportunity to bond with myfamily. We usually come together as a family to celebrate it. Wesurprise each other with presents that we open the following. Everyeve of the Christmas, we attend a church service and then proceedhome to enjoy the delicacies of the day. This is one festive that wespend a significant amount of money on things such as clothes, foods,and fun. It is different from Halloween holiday that involves wearingof funny costumes. In addition, Christmas is an official holiday asopposed to Halloween.

AsChristians, Christmas is the most valued holiday. Families cometogether to celebrate this esteemed holiday. Likewise, people seem tobe quite generous this day. They give charities to the less fortunateso they can celebrate too. Despite it being a Christian’s holiday,so many non Christian’s joins in the celebration, marking a festiveseason for all.


Therunaways treated their dolls the same way they were treated by theirparents. The dolls were sexually abused back at home and ran to thestreet where they formed a community. They started abusing theirlookalike dolls in the same way that they were treated. This showsthat they had a painful experience and wanted to revenge in one wayor another. Their lives were bitter and were ready to hurt theirlookalikes (Sodababies:Runaways in San Francisco, n.d).


Amishpeople have preserved their traditions in the face of modern societybecause they belief in having a simple life. They believe that theyare special people who should separate themselves from the world.They are able to keep their traditions based on the belief thatmodern technology does not fulfill life. A simple lifestyle such asuse of buggies and horses as a means of transport has helped them tokeep away from the modern forces (TheAmish: A People of Preservation, n.d).


Seabright Skiff is still made of hands despite the evolvement of the newtechnology. This is one way of preserving the tradition along theJersey show. It is a competitive rowing boat with a traditionalunique design (The Sea Bright Skiff: Working on the Jersey Shore,n.d). Such a design can only be made using hands as opposed tomachines.


TheFinnish Americans regard family values as compared to Americans. Theyview family as a tree worth protecting. The family members care foreach other from one generation to another. This is different fromAmericans whose family values are quite weak.


Ethicfolklore is the tradition of people of a particular ethnic group. Onthe other hand, immigrant folklore is the traditions that peopleassimilate and bring when they migrate into a certain place with adifferent culture.


Folkregion refers to the fact that people from the same region sharesimilar traditions. Cajun Country film depicts folk region whenpeople with similar roots, that is, Native Americans, Hillbilly, andWest Indian, come together to form a unique culture. People whohistorically share roots have so much in common.


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