Function of Arts

Functionof Arts

Functionof Arts

Haveyou ever thought of a world without the creation of art, sportingactivity, literature, music or even dance? I presume that would besuch an uninteresting and a mend-numbing world! I can’t bringmyself to imagining a world without the art of media and technologyat large. More often than not, I find myself listening to cool musicwhenever I am tired or reading a nice historical or even story bookand a stress relieving poem when am alone in the house. Sportingactivity is not only good for physical fitness but also mentaldevelopment as well. This is all artistic work. We will be deprivingour generation and those to come off true meaning of life if we donot make creation of art, music, dance, sporting activity andliterature a mandate in our pre-K to 12thcurriculum. A life without art is just as boring as it ismeaningless. We have read about many poets and artists who made lifemuch more interesting and meaningful. Art sharpens our mind and makesus learn more about other people’s lives as well as our own livesand culture. Right away from bloggers such as Colby Buzell to poetssuch as Mark Doty, we learn that an artistic work is just asimportant as the life itself (Buzzell, 2006). Art is life and life isart. Because of this, I vehemently agree that the creation of art,music, dance, sporting activity and literature should be made afundamental part of every school’s pre-K to 12thgrade curriculum.

Inhis article of ‘why arts education is crucial…’ Fran Smithexplains that Art and music are key to the development of any scholar[CITATION Fra09 l 1033 ].In as much as it does not solve many life problems, art makes us knowthat these problems really do exist. Nevertheless, arts educationpresents itself as a solution to challenges. Research has revealedthat engrossment in the arts is connected with improvements incalculation, reading, rational aptitude, essential intellectual aswell as oral proficiency. Despite these very important facts,education of arts can as well enhance enthusiasm, attentiveness,self-assurance, without forgetting teamwork [ CITATION Jim10 l 1033 ].Statisticsreveals that most children who are involved in Arts education andactivities perform even well in their class work, but Arts educationhas been escaping many school’s curriculum for the last thirtyyears due to mounting pressure to uplift test scores in othersubjects rather than arts education [ CITATION Fra09 l 1033 ].This is because there has been a slogan in many schools that ‘thearts are lovely but not essential’. This slogan must change if wewant to see a difference in our children’s behavior and activitiesof activeness.

Tosome extent, this notion is slowly changing in some schools. There isa birth of a new picture of creativity and innovativeness which aretaking roots in quite an increasing number of district schools [ CITATION Fra09 l 1033 ].There has been a brain research based on emerging results that agrowing number of schools are using the arts as a tool of learning.For instance, musical notes are used to explain segments performingplays are used in literature as well as reading. This is a good wayof learning arts in our school so it makes the subject quite vital.

Manychildren are left behind in many activities because of lack of artseducation in their school. Arts in learning institutions help shapeand recognize children’s talents and capabilities apart from classwork. If he hadn’t learnt literature in school, Mark Doty would nothave been such a great poet. He connects his poems with real lifesituations and what happens to him. His creativity is second to none.His poems are so easily related to our everyday lives and whateverhappens. I connect with him more often because of his poems. When amfeeling somber, I read one his poems and I know that someonesomewhere knows exactly what am going through. What an excitingexperience! The same applies to Mr. Ngugi wa Thiong’o. He explainsof how mental colonization is of great harm even more than physicalcolonization. In the recent past, people wished to be they were notbecause of racism. But nowadays quite a good number of these peopleare changing their minds about racism and are even inter-marrying.This can only be possible if we teach our children the importance ofart thus making it a fundamental aspect for every school’scurriculum.

Lookingat the importance of Arts education, it brings all children, bothfrom higher class to lower class on the same level. Teaching arts inschools allowsthose children from an economically challenged family to have a morelevel playing ground with children who have had that enhancementknow-how [ CITATION Fra09 l 1033 ].

Ina 2003 report, &quotThe Complete Curriculum: Ensuring a Place forthe Arts and Foreign Languages in American`s Schools,&quot arenowned study group from the National Association of State Boards ofEducation observed that a considerable federation of researchemphasizes the advantages of arts in curriculum and called forgreater importance on the arts and foreign languages [ CITATION Fra09 l 1033 ].

Artseducation is just as important as other subjects so it is mandate forschools to in-cooperate them in their school curriculums.


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