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Funnyand OffensiveJokes

AReflection on Funny and OffensiveJokes

Peoplelaugh at jokes that are hilarious to them, but also take offense atjokes that hurt them. The offensive joke is the one that exposes ahuman weakness or brings insecurity to the person being mocked.According to Kuipers(2006), comedianswho use offensive jokes target at the flaws of human beings, mocks orridicule people and causes emotional pain. In addition, some kinds ofjokes are considered a taboo by different communities. For example,some words are not allowed to be uttered by anyone in somecommunities. Kuipers(2006) argues that whenthis is done in comedy to the members of that community, they mayfeel offended. At the same time, members of other communities maylaugh at them. People laugh at jokes that put others down because ofindividual diversities. However, those that laugh at jokes to offendothers are sadists, who are happy when others are being mocked. Suchpeople therefore enjoy the offensive jokes.

Differentcommunities have different ways of life when people poke fun at anethnic group this is considered to be an offensive joke. The offensearises because the fun poked may inflict fear and low self esteem tothe ethnic group (Kuipers,2006).Members of other ethnic groups may laugh at the mockery of thecounterparts just to make them feel inferior and this may bringinferiority complex. Different communities have different ways oflife when a comedian poke fun at their way of life which may seemretrogressive according to the current status then people laugh attheir backwardness.

Whilesome comic acts are embarrassing and offensive to some people, thatare considered to be humorous to others. The difference arises due tosocial and cultural differences. Therefore, comedians should considercultural diversity levels in their comedy so as to entertain allpeople without causing fuss (Kuipers,2006).Jokes can be funny even when they offend people. For example, jokesdirected to fat people and race can be humorous and the same timeoffensive. In addition, social classes’ jokes can be offensive tothe poor and the same time funny to rich class.

Ihave sometimes used these jokes to my friends and some of them wereoffended. One of my friends almost took me to a court of law forjoking about his big potty belly. The case could have held since somejokes directed ethnic groups, social status are termed as` unlawfulin some countries (Kuipers,2006).Communities that do not allow its members to mention some body partswhen mentioned by a friend from other communities are offensive.Humor that is termed as offensive should be avoided because it canland one in jail.

Itis inappropriate to use humor in an offensive manner. When oneattacks a social class, for example the poor it shows to some extenthis or her attitude towards that class. Most people hold hostileattitude towards race, social classes and ethnic group so it might betheir best chance to unleash this hatred through jokes (Ortiz &ampSantos, 2009). On the other hand the people being attacked may beseen as inferior by their counterparts in jobs or other socialgathering. In addition, hatred between ethnic groups may crop upbecause of such jokes.

Tomaintain ethics and good comedy, some offensive subjects should beleft alone when performing comedy. A joke that undermines a socialclass, personal traits, looks down upon ethnic groups or causesoffense to the audience should be shunned off. This will make comedyan element of entertainment that it should be, and not an offensiveact.


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