Genetically Modified Foods from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)


GeneticallyModified Foods from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)


Thesafety of genetically modified foods has been supported by variousorganizations including the World Health Organization (WHO), theAmerican Medical Association, and the National Academy of sciences(Ronald, 2011). They argue that the heightened increase in the globalpopulation posses a key challenge to sufficient food availability. Asa result, in addition to meeting the needs of the booming population,GM foods solve most of the globes’ problems. Proponents have putforth a wide array of benefits of how this new technology benefitsindividuals. To start with, it guarantees the availability of morefood. It is evidenced by the fact that, in addition to being pest anddisease resistance, they are able to withstand drought and coldweather (Whitman, 2002). Some GM foods including B.t corn do notrequire the application of pesticides therefore, minimizing the costof farming and in turn their prices.

Anotherbenefit of the new technology is that it guarantees food nutrition.Crops containing important nutrients can be created by scientiststhus, reducing nutrition deficiencies (Whitman, 2002). It in turnreduces malnutrition which is rampant in most third world nations.Lastly, some crops are engineered for pharmaceutical purposes.Considering the increased costs of producing medicines, thetechnology acts as a better alternative. The vaccines produced areeasily shipped, stored, and administered.

Thenew technology is related to various justice issues. One of them isrelated to testing. GM foods have been tested and their safety hasbeen evidenced. The second issue is related to labeling. Aninternational trade agreement was passed in 2000 to ensure that allfoods produced using GMOs are labeled (Ronald, 2011). The requirementenables importers to accept or reject GM foods.


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