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This paper gives an in depthexamination of the three geological period, with a special attentionto distinct epochs in each time. The climatic conditions are shown,characteristics of the time frames and the position in the continentthe developments happened. Therefore, the excerpt inspects theseconditions in relation to geology.

Keywords:Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Cenozoic,

Paleozoic era

This is the period whichspanned from 542 million years to the 251 million years ago. Thistime was and is presently considered the ancient life of geology. Theepoch was characterized by six episodes namely Cambrian, Ordovician,Silurian, Devonian, carboniferous and Permian. In this case, Permianwill be analyzed to unravel essential features. This was the latestoccurrence in the Paleozoic period. The period was highly dominatedby shell fish, trilobites and molluscs. It was at this period whenmarine life highly thrived to the benefit geology. A number of lifeat this time showed movement by coaching. The climate during thisperiod was cool and wet with substantial composition of ice and lowsea levels. This saw the up thrust of lizards and snakes as theaftermath of the period. The continent position during this time wasAfrica was to the south whereas North America stood on the equator.The organisms present at this period heavily depended on marine lifefor sustenance.


Mesozoic era

In geology it is referred toas the middle life and the life which succeeded the Paleozoic era.The life stretches from 252 million years to 66 million years ago. Itwas in this period that the geology saw the development and riftingof landmasses of the super continental make up. The period is dividedinto three parts as, Triassic, Jurassic and cretaceous. As aspecimen, a discussion of cretaceous will be carried out. This wasthe period between 145 million and 66 million years. It was timechristened the age of reptiles. The likely reptiles then included thedinosaur and a number of flora which the giant animals usually fedon. The climate at this time was cool and warm to sustain thereptiles. However, it was hotter compared to the present day climate.The continents which majorly experienced this structural foundationwas North China. This can be attested from the formation of theYucatan Peninsula and Chicklub.


Cenozoic era

This is the era whichtraversed for 65 million years ago to the present date. In geology,it was a time known as the new life. Besides, it was an age of thebirds, mammals and flowering plants. The climatic composition duringthis time was and is warm to enable life nourishment. The time sawthe division into three periods Paleogene, Neogene and Pleistoceneepoch. As an instance, an examination of Pleistocene will be done.This was the period which is 2.6 million years to date. It was and isa time of substantial cooling to inhabit the mammals presently in thegeology. Similarly, several rodents, horses, dogs, cats and pigssprung up during this time. The reason behind this was the space washabitable for existence. In addition, it is in this time that anumber of mountains were formed such as Alps and Himalayas. On thecontrary, the giant animals of Mesozoic era became extinct due to theunfavorable climatic conditions. Further, the continent which sawmajor transformation was North America. Different plant life came upat this time which are but not limited to grass, pines and oaks.


In view of all the three erasand the individual time epochs, the latter time proved to be morebeneficial as it sustains mammals, humans in no exception, and isfavorable to a number of life. Climatically, it is conducive andpositions life as a form of co-existence.

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