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Theolder adult population is among the fast growing age groups. Theincreasing population of older adults faces greater risks ofdeveloping chronic illness and disabilities that are related to theseillnesses. It is thus for preventative healthcare and healthpromotion to be directed to this group. Preventative healthcare isimportant in maintaining the quality of life and wellness of olderadults. Additionally, preventative healthcare for the older adultsensures that the declines in their basic daily activities areminimized (Healthypeople, 2015). Preventive healthcare and healthpromotion among the elderly also goes a great way in ensuring thegovernment expenditure on long term care for the elderly isminimized. Preventive healthcare ensures that older adults remainindependent and stay longer in the community, thereby reducing theneed for older people to be admitted to long term care facilities(Mangin et al, 2007). Health promotion and preventive healthcare alsoplays a significant role in injury prevention among the elderly.

Evardssonand Nay (2009) point out that older people are the largest consumersof acute hospital care. They therefore form the predominant age groupin acute care settings. There are a number of significant risks thatsuch settings pose to the elderly populations. These risks haveraised concern among the older adults and their families. Theyinclude drug side effects, restraints, falls as well as generalde-conditioning. With the long term-care settings, the issues ofconcern for family members and the elderly population includemistreatment by caregivers, the costs involved in caring for theelderly, injuries as a result of falls and restricting the movementof the older adults within this setting.


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