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Businessethics refers to the moral principles that control the manner inwhich a business behaves. Businesses should act in an ethical mannerand distinguish right and wrong so as to succeed in the long run.Some of the ethical practices include treating employees fairly aswell as making good returns for the shareholders (Chao &amp Clark2015). In addition, it should neither damage the environment nor thesociety. Businesses are faced with numerous ethical issues when theyoperate globally. One of the ethical dilemmas evidenced in thearticle about Cisco is that China is taking credit for work done byWestern companies. The Western companies such as Cisco systemsdevelop new products that help build ambitious surveillance projectsin China. One of the biggest systems in the world is being built inthe city of Chongqing and it will be the most complicated videosurveillance project (Chao &amp Clark 2015). Cisco Systems is themain developer but China takes credit for having the bestsurveillance cameras in the entire world.

Thearticle about Cisco points out an ethical issue. It is a situationthat requires the business to evaluate the alternatives either asethical or unethical. China should evaluate whether to use thesurveillance cameras to prevent crime or target the political dissent(Chao &amp Clark 2015). The human rights advocates raised an alarmthat these systems could be used for the wrong purposes. Ethicaltheories guide the company when making decisions. They should bedirected towards achieving certain objectives in order for them to beuseful. Normative theory one of the ethical theories identified inthe article of Cisco. It helps the company identify the right andwrong actions. China should use the surveillance cameras in the rightway as they have numerous purposes. China can use them to fight crimeas well regulate traffic (Chao &amp Clark 2015). A report by humanrights advocates said that China use these systems to arrest peoplein illegal political protests. The conclusion of the theory meansthat these surveillance camera systems if used for the wrong purpose,they will criminalize activities which are not fair. For instance,surveillance footage criminalized Xinjiang who was a peacefuldemonstrator. They should be used in a way such that they cause leastharm, respect autonomy and are fair.


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