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Healthis a critical aspect to the U.S. economy since healthy people implieshealthy economy (Afifiet al, 2013).It should be noted that in case the health of the U.S. citizens isnot considered an essential and priority element, then the economy ofthe U.S. may face challenges because the productivity of the citizenswould go down (Patel &amp Rushefsky, 2014). Quality care, efficientcare, accessibility of the care, equity, and healthy live are allvital elements of health that should be enhanced within the UnitedStates. Of importance and priority in the department of Health andhuman Services is health access. It is the goal of the healthdepartment to ensure that every citizen has an access to health careservices since this would transform the lives of the citizens andbuild the economy of the United States.

Accessto health has still been indicated as a major health concern amid thecitizens. It has emerged that the cost of accessing health care isexceedingly high making some citizens not in a position to access thehealth care (Munro, 2014). The number of uninsured individuals isstill high, which translates to problems in accessing the highlypriced services. A Commonwealth Fund carried out a survey in anattempt to understand how United States ranks in terms of healthcompared to other 10 countries United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland,Australia, France, New Zealand and Norway (tied), and Germany andNetherlands (tied). The report from the Commonwealth Fund indicatedthat the United States ranked poorly overall in terms of equity,healthy lives, efficiency, access, and quality care. In terms ofaccess to health services due to cost related problems, United Stateswas ranked last (see graph below) (Munro, 2014).


Accordingto another survey conducted by Gallup, American citizens haveindicated access as the most significant problem since 2007 to 2012(see graph below). From the findings, it is apparent that increase inaccess to health services is needed.

Itis the mission of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)to promote the well-being and health of American citizens throughoffering effective health and human services and through fosteringgood, sustained advances in the sciences that underlie public health,medicine, and social services (Strobe,2011).The program of increasing access to health services fits into theofficial mission of the health and human services department since itwould ensure that public health is fostered, which is part of thedepartment’s mission.

TheDepartment of Health and Human Services is best suited in runningthis program because it has the capacity of monitoring itseffectiveness at all times. This is because the department is alwaysinvolved in matters of health, which implies that it will be in aposition to monitor the progress of the program from its initialstage to its completion. This would ensure that all the requirementsof the program are monitored closely. Besides, the Department ofHealth and Human Services is best suited in running this programbecause it has a vast number of individuals that are specialists inthe field of the health access. The presence of the experts in thedepartment would ensure that the program is run effectively. Theprogram of increasing access of health services to the citizens isnot a new program, but an existing program. This program has been inexistence for a long time, but it has not realized its goalssuccessfully. Therefore, it would need to be addressed with a lot ofrejuvenation.

Theprogram targets to increase access to health services by solving theproblem of accessibility due to high costs. It has emerged thatapproximately 23% of the citizens cannot access health servicesbecause of the high cost of health services (Dugan, 2013). Therefore,reducing the health cost through the government interventions wouldensure that access to health services is increased. In this case, thegovernment will be the single-payer of health services so that everyindividual is in a position to access the services the departmentwill support the program by ensuring that it monitors the differentstages in the implementation of the program. In order to implementthis program, the government will need to provide resources to thehealth department so as to ensure that the budget of running thehealthcare facilities is support. The department cannot be in aposition to support the program because it has insufficient funds.

Thisprogram is important to the president because it will help inrealizing key goals of his manifesto that he had put in place duringelection time. One of the goals that would be realized by thisprogram is that of ensuring American citizens get access to healthservices and improved health services among the American citizens.The other goal that would be realized through this program is that ofeconomic growth since healthy lives would translate to enhancedproductivity. Realization of these goals would retain the reputationof the president. This makes the program to be of immense importanceto the president.


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