Itis graduation day at Lafayette County Training School back in theyear 1940. The author of the article is among those graduating andshe is privileged to be among the top students in the graduatingclass. This is a big occasion and the author is escorted by hermother, brother and uncle to the graduation ceremony. The whole townhas converged at the school and shops have been closed in honor ofthe graduates. Before the actual day she had received, gifts fromfamily and friends. It is during this time that the black Americanswere fighting for their rights. There was widespread racialdiscrimination against the black American community. The authorexplains that their school was the only school for the black Americanchildren and was not fully equipped like the other white schools. Theauthor is proud to be graduating and is proud to be a black Americandespite the many challenges that the black people faced.

Thearticle is well drafted and the author seems to be against racialdiscrimination. The author seems to be an activist championing forthe rights of the black American community. The author at one pointin the article regrets being born black. She later wishes that theywould lead a normal life and enjoy the same facilities like thewhites. The author feels proud that the black people have cometogether in order to fight for their rights. It is interesting toknow that the blacks have their own anthem and every school-goingchild knows it by heart. The article is well organized, logical andvery interesting to read. The author seems to have mastered well theEnglish language and this evident as she expresses her thoughts wellin the article.

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