Havilah Fons Limited – Outsourcing Company


HavilahFons Limited – Outsourcing Company

Overviewof Havilah as an Outsourcing Company

HavilahFons Limited (HFL) is an entity that serves as a resource centre ofexcellence. It usually operates like a change agent, pacesetter anddevelops the appropriate value in the enterprise areas. As anoutsourcing company, HFL deals with a range of services such asbusiness process management, operations enhancement, informationtechnology, finance and enterprise performance, change management,customer relations management, and innovation (www.havilahfons.com).The chief aim of providing these services to its clients is to ensurethat the clients architect change and create value in theirbusinesses so as to improve the performance of the businesses.Therefore, businesses that need to improve their performance can seekthe services of HFL.

Advantageof Using Havilah

UsingHavilah Fons Limited for jobs can have an advantage in that it offerstime-tested solutions, which implies that the solutions are aguarantee that the performance of the businesses adopting thesolutions provided by the company will be enhanced. Besides, usingthe services of the company in doing job is advantageous because theservices of the company have a chief goal of attaining effectivenessand efficiency (www.havilahfons.com),which is critical in ensuring that performance becomes improved. Inaddition, the services of the company are usually tailored so thatthey fit the three levels of management found in organizations, whichis a critical element in improving work and productivity of anybusiness.

Benefitof Outsourcing Services

Oneof the key benefits that can be linked with outsourcing services isthat it can help in controlling operating costs. Through outsourcing,jobs can be done at a reduced cost and at the same time ensurequality work, which is a benefit to the organization seekingoutsourcing services. Besides, outsourcing services has a benefit inthat it ensures that there is an increased efficiency. There is anincreased efficiency since the outsourcing company like Havilah FonsLimited can bring its experienced practices and expertise in handlingissues. On the other hand, outsourcing services has a benefit in thatit helps in lowering the infrastructure investments outsourcinghelps in cutting back on expensive infrastructure needs. In addition,outsourcing of services helps a firm in focusing on its corecompetences, which is a critical element in ensuring that a firmutilizes its resources effectively.

Howit Works with Havilah Company

TheHavilah Fons Limited can offer the following services human capitaldevelopment, management services, management applications,consultancy services, kingdom resources development, and kingdomenterprise forum (www.havilahfons.com).In offering these services, clients can contact the company byfilling an inquiry form. The inquiry form can be found on thecompany’s website in the contact section it requires filling thename section, email, phone number, and a selection of the servicethat the client wants to enquire about. A client may also providecomments of the services before submitting the inquiry form. Besides,the company may be contacted through the address, telephone, or emailprovided in its website.

Havilah’sSelling Points

Oneof the selling points of the company is that it may be contacted bothonline and physically. This implies that clients can gain trust inthe company because they can be in a position to locate itphysically. Another selling point of the company is that its servicesare usually tailored so that they fit the three levels of managementfound in organizations.


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