Health program and Medicaid


Healthprogram and Medicaid

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Health program was implemented to help people with health concernshave access to medical care. The one that varies by the state hasseveral benefits to that which is uniform across country. To beginwith, it helps connect people with care thus linking them with anetwork of several health providers. It reduces barriers to financialaccess through eliminating high costs of medical care which burdensmore low-income people. Increases access to health services, healthcare use and offers protection against high expenses (Smith &ampMoore, 2012). It improves adults’ mental health as there isincreased rate of positive screening for depression and diabetesdetection. Some of the draw backs include ignorance by the state toanswer calls in emergency cases, people with disabilities areisolated in remote institutions or locked up in rehabilitation, HIVpatients are sterilized without their consent, inappropriatemedication and unmeasured barriers to access (Olson, 2010).

The positives ought weighs the negatives as vulnerable group likethe low income children and family who cannot afford medical expensesdue to limited finances, severe physical, mental, intellectual,health and developmental disabilities can get assistance thusimproving their health (Olson, 2010). It is not fair for differenttreatment in different countries be administered as this will be asign of biasness while all individuals are equal despite theirsituation. Such aspect occurs in our society today for example inRailway Corporation and airport services where there are preservedseats for different classes of people.


Mostly, low income children and the aged are the Medicaid medicallycategory. Children are the future generation and they mean a lot toany given nation. Their high rates of poverty, poor health anddisabilities are important to bear in mind. It is not good idea atall costs to set medical expenses too high considering the hugenumber of the needy which Medicaid cannot accommodate and sustain(Smith &amp Moore, 2012).


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