Theperiod of English settlement in America was a time for interaction,discovery and decimation. The political structure of England was theidea of the Pilgrims who were affiliates of the Separatists and itwas deeply rooted in community and family. It was known as thePlymouth Colony and was founded in 1620. It demonstrated for selfgovernance and introduced the thanksgiving ceremony which has becomepart of the America identity. The Plymouth Colony merged with theMassachusetts to form the Massachusetts Colony.


ThePilgrim and Puritans were reformers who observed the teaching of JohnCalvin. They faced hardships that made them migrate to America hencedeveloping a sense of religiosity. They both left England for Americain search for religious freedom. The pilgrims were separatists whodemonstrated against the Anglican Church. The group was illegal inEngland because it demanded for total separation of the church. Itfled England and settled in Plymouth. Contrary, the Puritans werenon-separatists who wanted to preserve the Church of England and theysettled in Massachusetts. They met frequently to pray and discuss thebible. In addition, the puritans represented themselves as honest andgodly in everything they did.


Genderis also an element that was portrayed by the Puritans and Pilgrimsduring the English settlement period. Women had fewer opportunitiesin the society. They were believed to practice witchcraft that helpedthem connect with the supernatural world. It is also evidenced thatwomen`s work is never done. They worked in the farm, cleaned thehouse and performed medical aid, taught their children to sew andlaundry among others. Although men maintained control over financesand disciplinary issues, women were at the centre of the family.


TheAtlantic World is the period of interactions between people borderingthe Atlantic Ocean. It is defined by a network of economic, social,cultural and political strap among the Atlantic basin. Theinteractions between the continents led to the development of eventsthat were distinctive. The role of politics in the exercise power inthe Atlantic Worlds led to an improved political awareness andpractices of these continents. It facilitated the democracy ofpolitical parties as well as expanding their rights. In addition, itenhanced a collective mobilization that led to the development ofpress and civil cultures. The establishment of education systems wasas a result of political systems.

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