Hum 11 Discussion

Hum11 Discussion



InDeutsche Kammerphilharmonie Beethoven 3, the chosen composition isclassical style of music. This kind of composition style was from theancient times. This kind of style is very neutral, as it retain theancient culture, and not modernized in any way. This kind of stylehas given more value to instrumental music as various instruments areused to bring harmony in music. In the arrangement of theinstruments, the symphony of this style of music has not included theworks of solo piano. In addition, another feature that makes itclassical style is its theme. The theme of this style of music wasthat of emotional balance and that of restraint. Ray Charles is oneof modern musician who was great in various gospel music and popmusic. He yet pioneered soul music alongside other types of music.


Westernpeople are more interested with wealth. Anything that generate themwealth very fast was always the key motive that would attract them ina given place. For instance, westerners were attracted with trade.For that, matter China is well known with its tea production. Britishwere much interested with tea from China hence their increasedpresence in china. On the other hand, India produced opium in largequantities and Chinese people were addicts of this opium. Finally,westerners increased in Japan due to its tea production andconsumption of opium that Chinese introduced in Japan throughmedicine herbal. China produced tea in plenty and British peopleyearned for it. Despite that, China people were addicted to opium.They could rather go without food but consume opium drug. Thisaddiction made it easy for British to trade in china and India, asthey would get tea from china and supply them with opium. Opium was afast selling business since it was addictive (Halsall, 1997).

Britishwere able to trade and impose policies in China because China was onwar against drugs. Drug usage became so rampart in China that it ledto deaths of Chinese people due to overdose. Chinese emperor wasconcerned and started war against drug usage and drug sale. Thisusage led to seizure of large quintiles of opium from the British.This was a big loss to British people as opium was expensive. Thisact made the British people outraged and they started killing Chinesepeople. Chinese people became tired of this as many people died andsigned a peace treaty. Chinese people had to pay the fine even thoughthe British people sold opium illegally to them (Halsall, 1997).


Theoverture full choral by Tchaikovsky is one type of music that anyonecan enjoy listening. In his overture full choral type of music,vocals have related very well. All vocals are neutral there is novocal that is either too high or too low than the other one. As wellin this particular kind of music, he used different types ofinstruments. I enjoy this kind of music because of its beats and thestyle is neither classical nor romantic. Composition of Tchaikovskycontinues to be popular with contemporary orchestras and audiencebecause of the techniques he used. His type of music is morewesternized and this characteristic makes it to continue gainingpopularity among the audience. Another feature that makes it remainto be popular is the characteristic that allows him to express hisinnermost emotion in music that makes more of romantic style of musiceven though it is classical music. This is because romantic musictries to express personal emotions.


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