Hypothesis for Existing Research Focus


Hypothesisfor Existing Research Focus

Hypothesisfor Existing Research Focus

Hypothesis:Widespread implementation of international intelligence-sharing facesvarious challenges

Themodern world is experiencing the fastest growth in technology, withgadgets being very relevant one day and being rendered obsolete thenext day. Government intelligence agencies and institutions have notbeing left out on this with most states and countries allocating hugechunks of their budgets to such agencies. Despite the improvedtechnology, techniques and methodologies, transnational intelligenceis still on the rise. This is despite even developing countries beingtrained by intelligence agencies from the more developed countries.It is therefore evident that the collection of intelligence is notthe biggest challenge in the quest to fight the crimes but rathersharing the information amongst affected countries (Herman, 2001)

Allthe agencies are clearly dedicated to this mission and thereforethere has to be serious hindrances on the sharing of intelligence.According to Wirtz, (2009), the disclosure of military documents byindividuals perceived as whistleblowers, e.g. Wikileaks has madeeroded considerable trust amongst countries. Without trust there itis obviously hard to share intelligence and information about crimesinvolving ones country.

Welsh(2009), on the other views intelligence as a commodity that countriesuse to “purchase” foreign aid and in some instances securitysupport from more developed or able countries. While some countriesmay view this as manipulation, others see it as the opportunity toredeem their countries in the eyes of international publicopinion.The secrecy that is involved in gathering and sharingintelligence has not helped at all in terms of reliability as theinvolved parties have only their words to go by.


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