Importance of the Project management Certification

Importanceof the Project management Certification

Theproject manager of an organization should be a staff member asopposed to a consultant. This is for the simple reason that projectmanagement is a daily activity that needs customization. The projectmanagement needs for different organizations differ. The staff willbe able to customize their experiences with the firm as opposed to aconsultant who will have other commitments elsewhere. However, aconsultant would serve better from their varied experiences inprojects from various organizations and identify the methods thatwork from those that do not work. Further, it is advantageous to haveboth the staff and a consultant who will regularly give advice fromtheir vast experiences. This saves a company the expenses for trialand error on how best to handle a project (Kerzner, 2001).

Theneed to become certified in project management depends on one`sintentions. It is highly competitive and experience is a majordeterminant of how one performs in the real world. Certification isconsidered as a door opener and a minimum requirement for most of theavailable opportunities. In addition, it fosters confidence anddifferentiation against those who lack it. It is necessary where oneneeds to secure a job because it helps a job candidate to get pastthe human resource screening process and land into the hiringmanager`s hands. However, there are people who acquire the jobthrough their networks. Despite the means used to land a job, theends shall justify the means. An experienced candidate without thecertification will deliver in the job. For those with thecertification, job performance depends on the use of information todeliver. It is not the papers that one has but the potential indelivering what is expected of them.


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