Integrated Marketing Communication Positioning Strategies

IntegratedMarketing Communication: Positioning Strategies

IntegratedMarketing Communication: Positioning Strategies

Thecompanies that I am loyal to their products are Toyota and Samsung.Toyota is the world largest automaker. It’s known for producingquality, superior and affordable cars for all markets. It has beenable to penetrate all the markets in the world including Africa,Asia, Europe as well as the United States. This achievement has beenmade possible by the company’s unique positioning strategy as wellas integrated marketing communication tools.

Onthe other hand, Samsung is the world leader in consumer electronics aposition it attained after beating Sony electronics. Samsung makes awide range of consumer electronics including Smartphone, television,disc players, home theatres, refrigerators, microwaves, washingmachines, vacuum cleaners among other home appliances.

Toyotamakes use of both differentiation and low cost as a strategy to gaina competitive advantage of its competition in the auto industrymainly Nissan and General Motors Companies. Toyota has a wide marketscope which encompasses almost all types of consumers that is in themarket to buy an automobile. Toyota is able to achieve this becausethey have something for everyone. For example, it has four wheeltrucks and SUVs for outdoor and bad weather roads, eco-friendly carslike Toyota Prius model for environment lovers, as well as standardcars for general use (Jefferson&amp Anthony, 2014).Ranging from low priced cars like Toyota Corolla to high end of themarket luxurious cars like Lexus, Toyota really has something foreveryone.

Toyotaalso has a well build brand image. It has positioned itself as themarket leader in manufacture of quality and affordable cars over theyears. Its cars are reliable and have a long lifespan. The costleadership used by Toyota is achieved through adapting leanproduction, efficient distribution, careful selection and control ofsupplies and low servicing costs from quality merchandise. Toyota hasremained the low cost leader in the car market. In addition, Toyotais always ahead in integrating technology it its production. It wasthe first to introduce hybrid cars which made it stay ahead ofcompetitors. The Lean Manufacturing product development model used byToyota seeks to integrate people, process and technology. As such,Toyota has experts as workers who assist in the progression of newides at Toyota (Jefferson&amp Anthony, 2014).The positioning strategy used by Toyota has been very successful.

Samsungon the other hand has done quite well with positioning strategy. Thecompany focused on its strengths of innovation and design to outdotheir main competitor Sony in consumer electronics. Samsung, likeToyota has focused on producing quality products that are tailored tosuit the diverse market of consumer electronics. The company is theleader in the manufacture of Smartphone in the world. The Smartphonerange from the Samsung Galaxy Note to Galaxy Pocket suitable for thelow end market (Dou,Lim, Su, Zhou &amp Cui, 2010).

Samsunghas been able to enhance its distribution strategy and supply chain.Samsung products are readily available in all corners of the world.The company stays ahead in technology innovation overtaking itsfiercest competitor Apple Inc. in the Smartphone market. In theTelevision market, Samsung have focused on convenience as itintegrates several aspects. It was the first to introduce 3D LEDtelevision.

Inhome appliances like the refrigerator, Samsung has establishedinnovations like digital inverted compressor which keeps food stufffresh for up to 7 seven days, uniform cooling, and FRUNCH- the newsound of freshness. In washing machines, Samsung has biosleep wherethe AC sets temperature in regard to the body temperature and bubblegenerator. Generally, Samsung’s positioning strategy focus on valuefor money in that, the consumer gets more than they pay for (Dou,Lim, Su, Zhou &amp Cui, 2010).This has placed Samsung in the top position of consumer electronics.

Integratedmarketing communication tools are the integration of differentmarketing tools such as advertising, public relation, sales andpromotion in order to reach the intended target market. For a companyto be successful, it must be able to use various marketingcommunication tools. Toyota makes use of advertisements includingprint, television commercials, online advertisements, publicrelations especially when it had to recall its cars for issues withbrake pedals. On the other hand, Samsung realizes the importance ofmarketing communication tools. Samsung invests heavily inadvertisement of its products especially Smartphone, LED televisions,Cameras, refrigerators and washing machines. Samsung also uses salespromotions on its products, for example, there was a time when onewas given free Samsung duos after purchase of the new Samsungrefrigerator with a digital inverter (Warman,2013).It has also made use of public relations in promoting its products toconsumers.

Ultimately,the use of positioning strategy by both Samsung and Toyota as costleaders and quality focused manufacturers has worked very well forboth companies. With the increasing competition in the pricingpositioning strategy, Toyota and Samsung have remained innovativeoffering consumer’s high quality products at affordable prices,beating their completion.


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