Intellectual Autobiography


Asan individual goes through different developmental stages, he/sheidentifies with various things as well as people surrounding them. Imust say that I am not different because, as I grew up, I identifiedwith things and people that were within the surroundings. Although Iwas raised by two parents, I see my father as being instrumental tothe intellectual development I have gained so far. As it is for mostfathers, my father would always present a challenge concerning myintellectual development. When seated together with dad, my fatherwould always want to know what I would like to become in life and Ialways had an answer that I had in mind. I had always wanted tobecome a lawyer since I was young. The desire of becoming a lawyerwas inspired by the fact that my own dad was a lawyer and most of thefriends that came to visit him while at home were lawyers. This beingthe case, I always wanted to know more about being a lawyer. So, Iwould always ask dad why he chose to be a lawyer and whether hethinks it is a good career for me the answer that came from dad wasever positive because he would always say that he did it because itwas his desire so I should also do it if I have a desire in it.Although my mother is a teacher, she does not hate the idea of herchild becoming a lawyer like the father. So far, my father hasoffered any support necessary towards my learning so as to ensurethat I will become a lawyer. It is with much gratitude that Iappreciate the far he has helped me, which makes me see him as beinginstrumental to my intellectual development.

Onepiece of writing that has helped in shaping of self is that of GlennR. Schiraldi 10Simple Solutions for Building Self-Esteem.One of the ways that this writing helped in shaping self entailssetting realistic expectations. Through the writing, I came tounderstand that nothing important like having realistic expectations,when it comes to self-esteem because setting up of unrealisticexpectations kills the self-esteem. Once I came to have thisunderstanding, I always try very hard to make realistic expectationsin order to avoid killing the self-esteem that I have. This has beena critical element in shaping self because I end up being happy withthe expectations and achievements that I hold. Besides, through thiswriting, I came to understand that I should set aside perfections andget a hold on achievements. This is critical in shaping the selfbecause instead of looking for perfections, I look foraccomplishments since I came to understand that mistakes exist, whichmay bring about imperfections. Since imperfections may tend to hurt,the writing has helped me in always being happy with what I realizerather than looking for the imperfections since it has helped inknowing that perfection is not attainable. In addition, the writinghas been critical in shaping self since it helped in understandingthat I should not compare myself with others, but should strive toattain the self image. From the writing, I came to learn that unfaircomparisons may hurt the self-esteem that people have. This hashelped in shaping the self in me because I appreciate the way I amand do not compare myself to others, which helps in moving on withlife positively.

Artifactsof a given culture are exceedingly significant in expressingdifferent aspects concerning the culture. Besides, it is easy toidentify with a given cultural artifact in identifying the kind ofperson that an individual is. In this regard, consider theSmartphone. The Smartphone is an artifact that can be associated withthe American culture. At present, one among five Americans has aSmartphone this is to indicate how the artifact has been integratedinto their culture. Owning a Smartphone is critical in expressing whoone is intellectually. One of the reasons why the Smartphoneexpresses who one is intellectually is because it is usuallyassociated with the modern technology. Most of the intellectuals tendto identify with the emerging technologies because they tend to havethe knowledge of using the technology. For instance, when a personpurchases a Smartphone, it goes without saying that he/she is readyto embrace the technology presented by the Smartphone. For example,with the Smartphone, one can easily shop online, send emails, or evenseek bank services. This is usually associated with intellectualssince if one is not an intellectual, it can be exceedingly difficultto identify, use and embrace emerging technologies that can help inmulti-tasking. Therefore, having a Smartphone, expresses that I am anintellectual. This is because owning the artifact can be associatedwith most individuals that have understood the emerging technologies,and how to use them in making their life activities easier since itis easy to multi-task using the Smartphone than using the commonphones.

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