Intelligence Collection and Deception


IntelligenceCollection and Deception

IntelligenceCollection and Deception

Duringintelligence gathering, a detective should know how to tell whetherthe collection process is being targeted for deception. One of theways to tell this is by examining the consistency of the informationbeing collected and analyzes any inconsistent parts. Secondly, itwould be important to note the selective nature of the source ofinformation. Information collected is deception if the source isselective and gives as little information as possible. In addition,repeat the questions to the source to check whether the responseswill be the same. Finally, it is important to confirm the informationcollected from one source with other sources available.

Whilegathering intelligence, the greatest care should be taken to avoidgetting deception or disinformation that may lead to adverse action.This can be done by confirming the credibility of every source withall the sources available in the intelligence process (U.SDOD, 2001).While it is difficult to evaluate one source using the other, theinformation provided may give some signals of credible sources ornot. In addition, sharing some intelligence sources with trustedexperts will expose the credibility of such sources. Moreover, thecomparison of the information gathered and previous information inthe database or with other detectives will be important.

Anotherway is to analyze the deception action. According to CIOS(2010),this is detailing of deception sources to determine whether they givea major form of deception. By exploring the past deceptions, adetective will expose possible consistencies between the currentintelligence and past information. In addition, comparing one formof source of intelligence with another can help the process byexposing inconsistencies. For instance, analyzing human informationagainst forensic information can be vital in detecting deception andcollecting authentic intelligence.


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