Internalalignment is the concept of comparing both job categories and levelof skills in one organization. The process focus on how to payemployees fairly depending on the job category and level of skillsrequired in that job for full motivation in a single organization. Asingle organization, for instance Wal-Mart has several levels of jobcategories[ CITATION Tri08 l 1033 ].There aremanagerial levels, supervisory and the general works. However,retailers that deal with technical goods have technical specialistwho come under managers. It is essential to note that in alignment,employees are placed in offices according to ranks. For instance, itis not appropriate to place managers and ordinary workers in the sameplace or office. External alignment on the other hand, is thecomparison of different organizations under same business line.Hence, the research paper skills discuss both internal and externalalignment and how they affect the performance of work inorganization.

Howsalaries within different departments relates

Differentdepartments in an organization have different rate of income. Thestrategy used in rating salaries in various departments in anorganization varies. They base the rating on the level ofcontribution to the organization, level of technicalities in a givendepartment, and the normal assumption of the level of hierarchy. Ifthe salaries are based under hierarchy then top managers get more paywhile normal workers get the least pay. The organizations arrive atthe levels of salaries through job analysis, job appraisal, and jobperformance.

Howemployees view their pay as fair

Employeesin an organization have different perspectives on pays that theyearn. Employees who understands their jobs right knows when their payis fair and when not. For instance, technical workers view their payas fair if the pay matches with the level of their skills[ CITATION For07 l 1033 ].Skilled workersalso view their pay as fair if the pay meets the level of theirskills. As well, top managers view their pay as fair when they earnaccording to their levels in an organization. However, employees mayfeel their pay as unfair in an organization in situations like: whenother unskilled employees get promotions, which in turn increases thepay of these unskilled employees. Workers may also view their pay asunfair when organization fails to recognize their experience in termsof pay increase. Fairness in terms of pay in any organization isrecognized when employees are paid according to their level of skillsand technicality and according to their levels in the organizationalhierarchy.


Externalalignment is the comparison of different but similar organization inone line of business. For instance, Walmart retail industry hasseveral organizations. External alignment is essential fororganizations as they create a competitive environment. Organizationswill use the alignment to rate their performance in the market.Organizations are able to improve their performance through externalalignment.

Theposition of external alignment helps organizations of same industryto compete favorably. For instance external alignment organizationwill facilitate better understanding of customers[ CITATION For07 l 1033 ].It will also createan avenue to study how their products are consumed in differentgeographical areas. The kind of information is important inevaluating the performance of other retail shops around them. Theinformation will enable them improve in regions where they performinadequately. The alignment will as well help to outdo competitors byimproving their customer services, as they would have studied howother similar industries treat their customers.


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