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Igot a chance to interview my fiancé regarding his currentdevelopment. His current career development stage is the maintenancelevel. He is working with the Orange County Fire Rescue organizationthat is under the government of Florida. He just got promoted toEngineer position which is a higher advancement in his career. He isat the career maintenance stage because he is comfortable with thejob duties and hence climbing up the hierarchy of the organization.The special career management challenge that he is facing at OrangeCounty Fire Rescue is the promotion challenge. He has been imaginingwhat it feels like to be at the top level in the company and being asuccessful person. He says that he is not sure how he will delegatework to employees in the organization because his promotion frombeing a firefighter to an Engineer is challenging.

Althoughit is hard to overcome job challenges, employees are encouraged towork through them in order to emerge stronger and gain confident(Smith, 2015). He says that his current employer is of great help inassisting him overcome the promotion challenge. He confirmed duringthe interview that his employer helps him increase self-awareness. Inaddition, he encourages him to stand on his own whenever faced with astressful situation. He helps him develop leadership and personalitystyle which has enabled him gain direction and insight. Theemployer`s response to the career management issue is that he says hewould provide an enabling environment that will promote careerdevelopment. The employer will also concentrate on diversity ofleaders by integrating his best practice into the workplace culture.The employer further said that he would identify and eliminate thebarriers that hinder entry and advancement in the organization inorder to succeed (Smith, 2015).

TheOrange County Fire Rescue is in a better position to help him dealwith the issue. Most people consider it overwhelming to solve workrelated issues alone (Smith, 2015). He says that the organization hasenhanced a close relationship between the workers and management thatbrings them together to solve organization problems. In addition, thecompany management has introduced educational programs that helpspromote employees` decision making ability so as to make informeddecisions. The organization provides opportunities for career andpersonal development by recognizing employee`s contribution (Smith,2015). He was recently provided with a tuition reimbursement in orderto further his education.


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Smith,M. J., (2015). PersonalCommunication.Albany: State University of New York Press.

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