Introducing Andrew Cornell

IntroducingAndrew Cornell

Thenext speaker ladies and gentlemen is a man who epitomizes theimportance of dedication and hard work. He is the Chief ExecutiveOfficer of Cornell Iron Works, Inc. a company that undertakes thedesign and manufacture of safe and security overhead doors, as wellas closure products for code compliance, environmental separationapplications, security, emergency response and access control. Thecompany also offers rolling and insulated service doors, fire doors,counter fire doors, counter doors, as well as smoke shield productsamong other products.

TheCEO is a fifth-generation successor for the company that was foundedclose to two centuries ago, which he joined in 1992 and became its8thCEO in 1997. He obtained his BA in Psychology at the University ofRochester and is a graduate of Owner/President Management fromHarvard Business School. He is also a director of varied companiesincluding Follett Corporation, 12M Manufacturing and McCueCorporation, as well as a current member of Young PresidentsOrganizations.

Further,he has earned the recognition of the Northeastern PennsylvaniaBusiness Journal as a young business leader in the 2003 category of“Tope Twenty under Forty”. In the same year, the JuniorAchievement of Northeastern Pennsylvania recognized him as a “YoungEntrepreneur of the Year”. In 2006, he won the “DistinguishedLeadership Award” from the 7000 member International DoorAssociation, with his success in business being featured in theWVIA’s Northeastern Pennsylvania Business Journal (Cornell 34). Hehas also authored several works including the self-published booktitled “Connection” which details the management culture andapproach that is practiced in Cornel Iron Works Inc. Without furtherado, ladies and gentlemen, join me in applauding and welcoming Mr.Andrew Cornell.


Cornell,Andrew. Connections:SeeingGreater Possibility.New York: Routledge, 2011. Print

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