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IslamicRelief USA

  • It is an independent and legally separate affiliate of Islamic Relief Worldwide, and collaborates with other relief organizations to provide humanitarian reliefs and development programs around the globe. These services are provided regardless of race, gender, religion or political affiliations of probable beneficiaries.

  • IRUSA operates seven regional offices in America: in Texas, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Southern and Northern California, as well as Virginia, where its headquarters are located (Islamic Relief USA, 2014).


  • The IRUSA has a board of directors of six members, led by the chairman and the vice chairman. The board drafts legislation to be implemented by the executive, and checks the executive, to ensure they implement the set directives.

  • The IRUSA is managed by the executive arm, which comprises of the Chief executive officer, the fund controller, director of fund development and other executive officers. Roles of the executive arm of the organization is spelled out in the memorandum and involves the daily management and running of the organization (Islamic Relief USA, 2014).

Missionof theOrganization

  • Alleviating global diseases, hunger and illiteracy irrespective of race, gender, religion or political affiliations of eligible beneficiaries

  • Provide humanitarian services in a dignified and compassionate way to the needy.

  • Provide rapid relief in events of human and natural disaster.

  • Empowering communities by Instituting sustainable local development, aimed at helping communities fight poverty, improve living standards and promote custodianship of the environment.

  • Protecting lives and dignity of individuals by enabling them reduce the risks and effects of disasters preparation for disaster occurrences, hazard mitigation and timely response through providing effective relief, protection and recovery of the affected individuals.

  • Strengthening the wider Islamic Relief family, by building infrastructure and governance systems to ensure global cooperation among all other Islamic Reliefs. Maximizing the size, efficiency and efficacy of the IRW in alleviating global poverty and suffering (Islamic Relief USA, 2014).


  • IRIUSA has provided its relief services in thirty-three countries. These include: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Central African Republic, Chad, China, Ethiopia, Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, India, Jordan Myanmar, Niger, Somalia, Pakistan, Palestine, Russia, South Sudan, SudanSri Lanka, Syria, Yemen , Tunisia and Zimbabwe.

  • Through partnership with other humanitarian organizations, IRUSA delivered more than fifty-four relief projects in Syria. This included a provision of thirty ambulances, provision of food, shelter, clothing and other essential commodities.

  • In Myanmar, IRUSA provided over six thousand parcels of food to vulnerable Muslims.

  • IRUSA has assisted in the fight against droughts In the East Africa (Kenya and Somalia) through provision of innovative and integrated programs, ensuring that more than 160,000 people access clean water and sanitation.

  • In Kabul, the organization assisted in building of over sixty well tubes, ensuring over 155,000 people have access to water and sanitation (Islamic Relief USA, 2014).


  • Immediate humanitarian assistance in events of disasters, followed by long-term development strategies to help them rise above their suffering. Such include provision of education, health, and other basic services.

  • Providing and mobilizing provision of relief food to the needy, such as the school going children, people in drought stricken areas.

  • Establishing sustainable development projects to enable citizens acquire skills needed to develop reliable means of earning income.

  • Increasing resources to improve education, health, and other basic needs of women and girl child, thereby empowering them to fight against domestic violence (Islamic Relief USA, 2014).


  • The organization remits fund only to programs aimed at

  • Mitigating Disasters

  • Alleviating Poverty

  • Humanitarian protection

  • Improving Health and Nutrition

  • Improving Education (Islamic Relief USA, 2014).


  • Contributions from individuals and institutions

  • Profits from investments

  • Funding from the government through departments such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture (Islamic Relief USA, 2014).


IRUSAprovideshumanitarianservicesto thedisadvantaged suchas thepoorandthoseaffectedby humanandnaturaldisasters.In eventsof disasters,theorganizationgiveshumanitarianassistance,suchas evacuationandambulanceservicesto thepeoplestruckby disaster.Additionally, theorganizationprovidesbasicnecessitiessuchas foodshelterandclothingto disastervictims,ensuringtheir survival.In Syria, IRUSAdeliveredmorethan fifty-four reliefprojectsincludingthirty ambulances,provisionof food,clothing,shelterandotherbasicnecessities(IslamicRelief USA, 2014). Additionally, itprovidedover six thousand parcelsof foodto vulnerableMuslims in Myanmar, ensuringthe survivalof victims.Theyalsoofferlong-term developmentstrategiessuchas educationservices,which are importantin helpingtheaffectedpeopleriseabove their suffering.Additionally, theIRUSAestablishessustainable developmentprojectsto individualslivingin poverty,empoweringthem to developreliablewaysof earningtheir incomes,therebyfightingpoverty(IslamicRelief USA, 2014). Among thesesustainable strategiesincludetheestablishmentof educationalfacilitiesto impartrequisiteknowledgeandskillsto thepopulaceandcreationof agriculturalprograms.Additionally, theIRUSA helpscommunitiesto accesscleanwaterandsanitation,by establishinginnovative programs.Suchwasin thecaseEast Africa (Kenya andSomalia) as wellas Kabul, whereIRUSAcreatedprogramsto ensurethatmorethan 160,000 peopleaccessedcleanwaterandsanitation.TheIRUSAsponsors thedisadvantaged personsincludingtheorphans,which providesenabling environmentto fightpoverty(IslamicRelief USA, 2014).


Throughtheir programs,theIRUSAprovidesallbasicnecessities,suchas food,shelter,clothing,educationalandmedicalservicesto thedisadvantaged, suchas thepoorandthosestruckby humanornaturaldisaster.Theyalsoestablishsustainable developmentprogramsto empowerthedisadvantaged individualsto be economically independent.


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