Joshua Kintner



graduated from the Pennsylvania State University inMay with an Undergraduate degree in economics with a major inSociology and Business. By taking over his role from his grandfather, envisages to expand the company with satellitelocations and to increase the workforce number.

He is passionate and excited about that opportunity and feels veryfortunate to be at the core of the company that has been doing greatexploits for long. He says that he finds himself in an interestingposition with where they are in the market and loves what they havebeen doing to get there. He is, therefore, eager to scale larger andgreater new technologies and the new efficiencies that are possiblewith the company.

He is the CEO of Kintner Modular Homes, Inc. (KMHI), which is afull-service modular home construction company that was establishedin 1972 by Fred Kintner. He announces the appointment of JoshuaKintner as the Vice President of General Operations in May 13. JoshuaKintner represents the third generation of the Kintner family andwill be transitioning into his father Jeff Kintner’s role, takingover as the President of General operations.

Kintner Modular Homes, Inc. (KMHI) specialization is in modular homesand turn-key modular houses and has been providing modular homes tothe Poconos, Scranton, Bloomsburg, Hazleton and the rest of NorthernPennsylvania since 1972. Besides the full range customizationpackage, for future homeowners, they keep the process simple andpersonal and hence, it has distinguished itself as an expert and atrendsetter in providing quality modular homes to its clients and along-lasting house is guaranteed by KMHI.

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