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The readings inform that innovation is not only inborn, but majorlysomething that is learned. This is because people can becomeinnovative through comprehending a specific skill, practice,experimentation and in the end acquiring confidence in anindividual’s capability to create. Another important finding is theunderstanding of discovery skills, which are associating,questioning, observing, experimenting and networking. It is apparentthat in order for a person to become innovative, they ought to haveand practice the skills. The skills enhance one’s creative ability.Practicing what results in innovation is very crucial if anindividual aims at creating. Among the skills mentioned, the mostrelevant is questioning, which entails seeking ‘why’ or ‘whynot’. Questioning makes it probable to view a problem from a moreelaborate outlook, which in turn makes it simpler to come up witheffective solutions to problems.

To develop an innovative ability, it is necessary to develop thequestioning skill. Because innovation is active, questioning enhancesthe ability to become creative. Another effective manner ofdeveloping an innovative ability includes observing what individualsdo and their modes of interaction, which provides a clue on theirthoughts and feelings. This relates to the observing skill, which isa prerequisite to becoming innovative. Observing others makes itprobable to learn different experiences. Through questioning theseexperiences, it becomes probable to create new ideas. Last, isengaging with other individuals. This is an effectual approach ofsharing ideas and thoughts. The exchange of thoughts results inderiving the best alternative to problems. Engaging makes it probableto comprehend the diverse needs that people have. Once understood,the desire to find solutions to the problems compels innovation inmeeting the needs.

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