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Thereare different things that I learned about being more innovative thatI did not know before I joined the class. First I was able todifferentiate between creativity and innovation. Creativity isbecoming popular in business and I have been using the wordinnovation when I mean creativity. I learned that creativity is theprocess of bringing information and opinions to create an idea. Onthe other hand, innovation is the process of implementing the ideasin a way that creates value. I learned that creativity is a sectionof the innovation but it does not represent innovation on its own.For instance, when organizations provide educational programs toemployees in order to promote creativity, but the company fails toimplement the ideas. The company is thus regarded as not beingcreative.

Theother thing I learned is that putting constraints on me can helps inbecoming more innovative. Constraints are challenges and theydiscourage one from progressing. They hinder a person’s creativity.I learned that putting constraints means that I would limit my timeand resources used in unnecessary things and instead use it towardsachieving my goals.


Iwould like to develop my innovative capacity because innovation isthe only way to solve the world`s social problems such as healthcare.Developing innovative capacity will also help solve problemsaffecting the environment as well as improving the way of living.Research shows that people with developed their innovative capacityformulate strategies that enable them attain economic competitivenessas well as technological advancements. I would like to developinnovative capacity because it is the only way to measure innovativepotential. This will enable me to compare the differences betweenvarious undertakings. In addition, I believe the knowledge willenable me comprehend the techno-capitalism and the dynamicsassociated with innovation.

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