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Kevin`sNoodle House

Kevin`sNoodle House Property and Operation

Kevin`sNoodle House is a family-owned Vietnamese restaurant located in theUnited States, North Main Street, Walnut Creek. The restaurant, alsoknown as Pho Huynh Hiep provides Vietnamese foods and cuisine to thepublic as a business service that originated from the passion of thefounder. The discussion in this paper will illustrate that Kevin`sNoodle House is a unique Vietnamese restaurant that offers excellentservices and products by having effective operations.

Accordingto (2015), the purpose of the restaurant was toprovide its customers with authentic Vietnamese foods with deliciousmenu and service in a home-style environment. In a bid to increaseits scale, the restaurant has opened multiple locations in the UnitedStates. Currently, the restaurant runs five locations, including theWalnut Creek outlet. The restaurant has served customers with theVietnamese cuisine for over 20 years since opening doors in the firstfood center in 1994 in Oakland.

Ina typical location of the restaurant, the space is enough to hold anumber of customers on a daily basis. The Walnut Creek location hasseveral tables each with a set of seats that can accommodate atleast four people. The space is large for customers and waiters towalk around and even to increase the number of seats per table. Theirmenu is full of delicious options, including appetizers, main dishesand desserts along with tasty drinks. The restaurant has a goodcustomer service by having staff who receives customers with aprofessional level of hospitality compared with many other foreignrestaurants. According to Yielp (2014), the customer response ispositive with some happy with the speed of taking orders by thewaiters.

Thereare several factors that make a competitivealternative in the industry that is filled with so many cuisines. Onefactor is the cost that is friendly to the people, especially inrelation to the locations in the busy streets. The competitive natureis further complemented by the location of the restaurants in easilyaccessible places (Yielp, 2014). This makes more people prefer havingquick meals at the restaurants, which has increased the demand formore space, especially packing. Another competitive edge is the speedof service that the restaurant has in a bid to accommodate its vastnumber of clients.

Kevin`sNoodle House is a unique restaurant that does not disappoint incustomer service and menu. You can trust the description about as it reflects the very least of the reality atthe Vietnamese joint. The information about isfrom the restaurant’s website and most trusted customer responsesites, Yielp (Yielp, 2014). The number of customers who provideresponses about is large and they give aconsistent appraisal of the services, meals and locations of therestaurant. What the entire experience at the gives is an example of a historic restaurant in a highly competitivemarket. In an American market that is filled with all types ofcuisine, the restaurant provides a unique location in the industry.

Servicesand Products Offered

Kevin`sNoodle House provides the best of the Vietnamese foods that aredelicious and made to meet the needs of the customer. Customers whovisit the restaurant seek unique menu, which is different from thenormal American foods. The good thing with isthat it has not fallen short of satisfying these unique customerneeds. According to (2015), the restaurant has amenu that includes beverages, kids` foods and all main meat foodsthat are prepared in Vietnamese style.

Oneof the most common signature meals at the restaurant is the Pho, ameal served in bowls including appetizers and some desserts (AllMenus, 2015). According to All Menus (2015), the Pho is a meal ofnoodles served with good broth to bring the best of the Vietnameseflavor. At the restaurant, the price of other foods is affordable tothe middle class. Most desserts costs from $3 to $8 while theirdishes range from $7 to $20 with desserts being equally affordable(Yielp, 2014). This makes part of people’sfavorite, a factor that explains why there are so many people cueingand waiting at the restaurants during the typical lunch and dinnerhours.

Theservice provided by is relevant to thecharacteristics of tangibility and separability. The perishablenature of the products is considered by the restaurant as it servescustomers with fresh meals on order. The food is also heterogeneouswith a combination of several options and diverse menu of therestaurant. The whole unit of runs six locationswhich present a number of implications (, 2015).The main implication is the number of staff that they have to hire toserve customers warm and speedy in all the restaurant locations. Thenumber of customers at the restaurant is characteristically huge,which creates the need for more space and parking lot.


Kevin`sNoodle House is a Vietnamese restaurant that serves excellent Vietnamcuisine in America. The restaurant has six outlets that operateuniformly to serve the vast clientele that appreciate their fastcustomer service. The customer service and affordability of its menuhas made a preferred food center, especially inthe busy streets that the restaurants are strategically located. Ingeneral, the is a modern Vietnamese restaurantthat attracts a large number of clientele through delicious meals andquality service.


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