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KingArthur Through The Ages

Oneof the major contributing factors towards the history of Britain istheir kings and especially King Arthur, and all his related leaders.There is a rich history behind the kings of Britain, as well as theirpolitical aspects. This paper looks at the kings of Britain, theirhistory and contribution towards the making of Britain in connectionto the impact to the political and other aspects of the region, suchas Geoffrey of Monmouth (Geoffrey,1963).KingArthur through the ageshas offered a huge collection and very detailed insight into theBritish kings.

Geoffreyof Monmouth was known as a Welsh and one of the key figures in theBritish historiography, as well as in the popularity of King Arthur.Most of his career was spent in oxford. With reference to the videowatched, the contribution of Geoffrey of Monmouth is immense in themaking of the British kings, and to the king Arthur. One of hisinvolvements is the making of the Arthurian legends. He is creditedto be the one who identified Arthur in the line of British kings. Oneof the developments that have struck me is the immense contributionin the making of the brutish kings by the Geoffrey of Monmouth. It’sthrough Geoffrey the character of merlin is introduced, whoprophesies the rise and fall of Arthur. The contribution of Geoffreywas documented in different scripts with the most influential onereferred to as historia.Another aspect about Geoffrey is the use of sources to justify hiswritings with reference to the British kings. His ways of justifyinghis material entails both classical and biblical justifications andsources.

Despitehis contribution, of the points to note is the historical home ofGeoffrey is that he was believed to a welsh but his greatest impactwas felt in Brittan and especially in the making of their kings. Theearly history of Britain on the other hand lays the essence ofGeoffrey’s historical methods, as he is displayed as unrepentantbut a bold revisionist. Through the publishing of his history, thetales of Arthur become a well-known version across the Europeanstates. One of the major contributing factors is through theexistence of documented or scripts of the writings by Geoffrey.Despite the presence of the hero’s in other regions such Arthur,impact of Geoffrey of Monmouth was inevitable as it contributed tothe recognition of the Arthurian legends. Geoffrey contributed to themaking of Arthur and even contributing the work becoming aware ofhim. Whatever the origins of Arthur as well as his entourage ofknights, the Camelot court, and other mythical aspects of the legend,the generalArthurian Legend can be said to be a mythology, not fact.

Throughthe article KingArthur through the Agesthere is an emphasis on the qualities of a knight which has been areflected through the qualities of the British leaders or the kings.The history writing by the Monmouth has contributed greatly to thedetermination of what a king should be or his qualities. This is oneof the aspects that underline the impact of the Geoffrey of Monmouthtowards the making of British kingship. Despite being the leader heis, King Arthur other is admired by his followers as well as lovinghis people through giving them gifts hence regarded as generous(Galfredus&amp Wright, 2001).Despite the qualities demanded to be an effective king, Arthurportrays the unbelievable love for the people and in turn lived byhis people.

Insummary, although there much of distortions by Geoffrey in hishistory his contribution is nevertheless very influential work inshaping of the Arthurian legend. He is credited to be the first ofbring King Arthur outside wales and in turn to the attention of mostof the Europe. Among the modern historians, Geoffrey is considered aliar, but on the other hand recognizes his contribution to be thestarting of the modern Arthurian legend.


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