King’s Speech and Raspberry’s Essay


“I have a dream” is an effective and influential speech that wascapable of transforming the lives of an oppressed black society(King, 1963). The speech instilled hope to the community andencouraged them to fight for their rights. Reading the speech differsfrom watching it, while watching one is able to hear and react to thepowerful words.

King’s speech compares to Raspberry’s “Journalist’s view ofblack economics”. The speeches are a response to each other, thusare in conversation. This means that both writers are speakingtogether on the similar issues facing the black society, which makesit fair to pair the writings. There has been minimal differencebetween the economic challenges discussed by King in 1963 and thosethat Raspberry argues in 1990. Both texts express income gaps,employment gaps, business-involvement gaps and education gaps amongothers as problems largely affecting the black society.

Raspberry and King also urge blacks to stop blaming the issues onrace and instead work towards finding solutions. Raspberry treats the“Civil Rights Movement” as a way of steering blacks from findingsolutions to their problems. This is because the movement seems toblame race for the African American economic situation, yet theaffected society does minimal to change their conditions (Raspberry,1990). Raspberry argues from a contemporary view, where he shiftsfrom the focus of fighting for equality to other races, to urgingblacks to open their own businesses, create employment and stoprelying on being employed by other races.

King and Raspberry’s work are both historical writings, whichhighlight issues still apparent in the black society to date.Although there have been changes, as more blacks are educated, getbetter jobs and a substantial number of African Americans lead awealthy lifestyle, a larger percentage of blacks progress toexperience economic challenges.


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