Labor Market and Recruiting


LaborMarket and Recruiting

LaborMarket and Recruiting

Theimportance of employees cannot be understated as far as the successand sustainability of a business entity is concerned, particularlyconsidering that their productivity is directly connected to theoverall productivity of the company in the long-term and theshort-term. This underlines the importance of proper recruitmentstrategies to ensure that that the appropriate employees are inductedinto a business entity’s workforce. Nevertheless, differentpositions would have varying recruitment strategies, with thepositions subscribing to different labor markets.

CustomerService Representative

Acustomer would, with no doubt, subscribe to the external labormarkets, which are a representation of the firm’s external supplyor even available stock of labor. There are varied strategies forrecruiting for this position. First, a job description would beposted, detailing all the requirements in a specific and precisemanner. This would undoubtedly result in a wide range of applicationsfrom potential candidates for the position. Nevertheless, scholarshave noted that recruiters would be mistaken to believe thatindividuals with experience in customer service would alsonecessarily be good employees (Snell&ampBohlander, 2013).In essence, it is imperative that the recruiters look for certaintraits in an individual including commitment to service, the capacityto work under pressure and remain calm, strong decision-makingskills, as well as friendliness. As much external labor market wouldbe most applicable, it is imperative that the company starts byexamining the current employees to determine who has the requiredcharacteristics (Bohlander&ampSnell, 2010).A reference check should be conducted and potential candidatesinterviewed using sample scenarios to determine their suitability.


Operationsmanagers are primarily recruited from the external labor markets. Inrecruiting operations manages, it is imperative that the vacancy isidentified and need assessed so as to ensure that the staff skillsets are aligned to the goals and initiatives of the firm. This wouldallow for the development of the position description, with cleararticulation of the qualifications and responsibilities that bestsuited candidates would possess. This would then incorporate thedevelopment of a recruitment plan that maps out the strategy forhiring and attracting the most qualified candidate and ensure a wellrepresented applicant pool (Snell&ampBohlander, 2013).Recruitment plan would include placement goals, posting period,diversity agencies and resume banks, as well as extra advertisingresources. Even after the appropriate candidate has been identifiedand hired, it is imperative that they be put on probation for aperiod of around 3 months to allow for proper evaluation of hissuitability to the company.

VPof Marketing

AVice President of marketing would be best recruited from the internallabor markets preferably through promotion of the individuals who arealready well versed with the dynamics of the business entity. In therecruitment of the VP of marketing, it is imperative that variedgoals are met including the growth of the sales team, creatingaccount management teams, building telemarketing operations, and evenhiring business development executives. The first step in therecruitment would be defining the position, where the jobresponsibilities would be evaluated, with experience and skillsnecessary in the candidates being prioritized. This should alsoinclude the development of specific criteria for evaluating thecandidates (Bohlander&ampSnell, 2010).This is followed by the composition of a compelling advert, whichshould convey the brand and message, as well as credibility. Ininstances where the position cannot be filled internally, it isimperative that the company looks for referrals from their vendors,customers and even workers. The standard interviewing process must becreated so as to save time (Snell&ampBohlander, 2013).In instances where external sources are consulted, it is often moreeconomical to interview through a phone call before a face-to-faceinterview.


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