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PolicyAnalysis and Development

Thenecessity of policies anatomy has a great importance to the public atlarge. It is of paramount importance to include laws and policy inhealth care sector. Before developing any policy, various aspectshave to be put into great consideration so as to avoid hiccups andpotholes in the policy. When a policy needs to be proposed into alaw, there has to be scrutiny in data collection, description of theproblem as well as solutions and related issues, and the impact thepolicy will have to the community at large. Health-care system withinAmerica is facing influential forces of change.

Asnoted by Bond&amp Bond (1994), theheated argument over health-care supporting and access toindemnification coverage is escalating. The bone of contention herefalls under the docket of health-care management as well ashealth-care delivery. There has been too many medical errors anddominancyof lack of reliability in the value of medical care thatpatients get from various medical facilities as well as physicians[CITATION Joe09 l 1033 ].There has to be a total revolution of health-care administration anddelivery so as to cub this problem. One way that the government cando this is by having quality improvement (QI) in medical sector.Quality improvement is a scheme that is aims to revolutionizeengrained mindsets, exercises as well as administration designs thatare obsolete to the patients’ as well as families’ needs [CITATION Joe09 l 1033 ].Quality improvement is a groundbreaking as well as aninterdisciplinary lobby whose objective is to transform the healthcare sectorand increase the efficacy as well as welfare of health-care.It iscost-effective and has a great impact to patients. Quality care canonly be attained if health-care practitioners are scrutinized and QIfollowed by all health care facilities (Bond&amp Bond, 1994).QI has to be more attentive to patients’ needs and has to beconducted in a morally accountable style. American HospitalAssociation can be a great investor for QI.


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