Evaluatingaffordable health Insurance plan

Therehave been multiple healthcare insurance plans from small business tolarge companies. However, with the introduction of the AffordableCare Act, insurance options for many American citizens were expanded(Gruber,2011).The first step in evaluating the affordable health Act requiresdetermining what is important in the healthcare plan in relation tothe patient and healthcare providers needs. The health insurance planshould be able to enhance patient doctor relationship. Secondly, itis important to establish if the health care insurance take note ofdoctors and hospital network.

Establishingthe extent of doctor and hospital network served by the health careinsurance plan helps to assess its importance. It is important toassess the premium rates and additional costs related to thehealthcare policy (Galewitz,2010).The insurance policy may have low premiums but have additional costs.For instance, the affordable health care act guarantees low premiumrates for low income earners but leaves the families with highdeductible medical bills (Gruber,2011).

Itis necessary that consumers be assisted in making range of expensesassociated with the health insurance plan(Galewitz, 2010).For instance, does the affordable health insurance plan helpcustomers handle out-of-pocket costs throughout the healthcare plan?The affordable healthcare insurance plan purports to cover severaltypes of preventive care for clients at no costs. However, clientsare likely to have coinsurance, copayments and other deductible costsfor other services.

Recommendationsto consider in Affordable healthcare plan implementation

  • The healthcare insurance plan should maintain and enhance current relationship between the patients and doctors.

  • The health insurance policy should cover for patients drugs

  • The healthcare insurance policy should cover all the quality hospitals and doctor services in the area.

  • The health insurance package should not include expensive deductibles such as copayments and coinsurance.

  • Investigate the capacity and quality of doctors and hospitals before making health insurance implementation. Hospitals and doctors need accreditation from the Healthcare Organization to ensure that quality health is guaranteed.

  • The healthcare insurance program should allow for prescription drugs. A healthcare insurance plan that covers the cost of drugs is the most effective.


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