ChildhoodExperience that helped Mold the Person I am today

Mostof us hold memories from our childhood bearing experiences that makeus feel wonderful. This may be moments when you felt bubbling senseof excitement, happiness, or a moment of deep connection to nature oranother person. Others gain experience from dreams that tend to beunforgettable bring with them a strong sense of accomplishment thathelp mold the rest of their lives. I was no different kind, and I hadmy share of experiences that to this day are still memorable andaffected my perspective of viewing life, the only difference myexperience was a sad moment.

Iwas between the age of 8 and 10 years, an innocent kid who had neverhad the experience of losing a close relative. The best comprehensionI had of death had been that seen on television, and never realizedhow painful it is until you have experienced it. I would probablydescribe myself as child who took things for granted hardly everrealizing how lucky I was, I was never eager to help the lessfortunate or animals in need, as such I mostly behaved childishlyeven under circumstances where it was required of me to act like anadult. I was not that close to my family always preferring to bealone most of the time, not realizing having all my family membersclose was a thing to be thankful for, thus, I was not very grateful.

Mygrandfather had been in hospital for quite sometimes, ailing fromlung cancer. My parents explained that grandpa had been quite asmoker and such he developed lung cancer. Every day, I kept himcompany at hospital hoping he would be cured and back to his house,nevertheless, his condition got worse as the days progressed, and Igot to realize the magnitude of losing a loved one to death. Theillness got worse such that he was no longer eating or talking, myoptimism turned pessimistic I was certain he would die soon.

Theday my grandfather died is still vivid to me as I was extremelyshocked forcing me into a world of gaze and did articulate not even aword. I decided to be strong remembering the good times we had spenttogether and cherish them in my heart. His death seemed to have had apositive impact on my life as from this point as started changing theaspect of how behaved. I started to be grateful to the people aroundme, and I realized how lucky I was to be living health free of anyillnesses, and most important to have a family that took care of me.

Assuch, this event did mold me to be even more compassionate towardsothers it molded me to be warmer towards family and appreciate thefact that they took care of me. In addition, now that I understoodwhat it felt like to lose a close family member, I got to be morecompanionate to those who lost members of their family. Mostimportantly, the event molded how I controlled my feelings andcontrol my emotions to suit different situations presented by life.As a life lesson I learnt how fragile life really is, today you mightbe alive and tomorrow you gone and thus, I no longer take anything inlife for granted.

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